Top Twelve Things to Know -- For Green Businesswomen



The beauty of our marketplace today is we can always find a green option. Let's choose the sustainable or eco-friendly option over the mainstream version. 

Here are top twelve things that I think all green women in business know. Give yourself one point for each item you know already!  


1) What day is recycling pickup for the office/building/neighborhood?



2) Where your reusable shopping bag is at all times, ready to use for produce, groceries, or a quick trip to the farmer's market: 



3) A supply for 100% post-consumer-waste printing paper: 

http://www.buygreen.com/newleafencore100.aspx (better yet, you're going totally paperless)


4) How much the electric bill is and what steps to take to reduce it:



5) How to go more green by bringing your own cup or mug to the local café: 

http://greencafenetwork.org/category/cafes/ (you would be amazed at how many single-use coffee cups litter our landfills)


6) Where to find other green businesswomen in your industry: 

http://greenbusinesswomen.com (post a free listing here and access great members-only discounts ---- share your own promotions with our members, too)


7) The best ways to meet online instead of meeting in person: 

WebEx http://www.webex.com and GoToMeeting http://www.gotomeeting.com for web conferencing.

Skype http://www.skype.com for phone calls and person-to-person web conferencing.


8) What kind of compostable, biodegradable utensils to offer at the next company event: 



9) Company policy on working from home, telecommuting and remote access: 



10) Where to get recycled, handmade products nearby:



11) Where to get luxury sustainable jewelry:



12) The next steps for how to install a photovoltaic solar system for your home, office, or business:



So how did you score?

9-12 points == You're already a green businesswoman!

5-8 points == Good going... increase your ability to practice sustainable options, and do your research!

0-4 points == It's a start. Let's learn and share together.