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Wedding Day Planning: Four Steps to Make it Fabulous

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear

The wedding service and vows, your attire, the location of the service and reception, and decorations: if your big day is coming up, start planning for these four items at the very beginning. This will help reduce the stress because, like most brides, you're probably planning a wedding on top of dealing with a full-time job, interacting with family and in-laws, organizing travel arrangements, anticipating special needs for seniors or children, finding ethical rings, deciding on vendors, and fitting everything into your budget.

Brittany Haas has perfect advice for you: "step into 2012!!". As the co-founder of Something Borrowed NY, aka the "Fairy Godmothers of Bridal", she explains "there are SO many fantastic resources for brides on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Tumblr, Pinterest etc. There are tons of ways to find inspiration WITHOUT buying a ton of magazines or hiring a planner."


  • Wedding Vows: If you're going with a traditional religious ceremony or writing your own service, take time now to envision what kind of life you desire with your beloved. What do you promise to do? Anticipate what you'll say on the big day, and personalize the process as much as you want. Start meeting with your officiant and undertaking any classes or pre-marriage counseling, if needed.


    Bridal Gowns and accoutrements: Shopping for your dream bridal gown and accoutrements like veil, tiara, bows, earrings, cuffs, or bracelets can become an expensive proposition.

    You can find your dream bridal accoutrements at Something Borrowed NY, without subjecting yourself to an unrealistic price tag or an unnecessary lifetime possession of sparkly baubles. With this service, you can choose from luxurious, "dream-and-drool-worthy" designer accessories, rent them for the big day, then send back when done: a perfect solution.

  • Location: Choose a place for the service and reception that are suitably close to each other and can accommodate all of your guests' needs. Wedding locations vary widely: it might be your church or temple and reception hall, a museum, garden, beachside park, or a downtown hotel. Find what suits you and your fiancé and make your reservation up to a year in advance.

  • Decorate with local, all-natural, organic materials: When you choose locally-made products, you don't pay for the environmental cost of shipping from out of the area, and you feel good about supporting your neighborhood artisan or vendor. Consider in-season flowers, soy candles, handmade chocolates, recycled paper note cards, organic seed packets, or other favors. The environmental benefit is high, and luxury, quality, and style can be synonymous with green and sustainable. has great resources for providers.


Haas encourages brides-to-be to "check out bridal blogs such a, or, and if you're already more forward thinking, check out some great new bridal tech companies such as,, etc. You'll find that we're all creating content and websites that are helping brides to save money and time."

Remember, the wedding itself is only one day, but you're planning for your love to last a lifetime. Enjoy your remaining time with your betrothed, and appreciate the opportunity to put your personal creativity into a memorable day for you and for all your guests.

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