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What to Do when your Situation isn't Changing Fast Enough

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear

If you don’t feel like your situation is changing fast enough, it’s actually time to slow down.

What do you want?

Who do you want to be in the world?

Define who that person is (consider writing an opinion piece from another point of view, with you as a subject).

Now, what is your current situation? Does it need changing? If so, what is your timeline to change it?

Now go step by step.

Deep change happens one day at a time:

  • 365 days in a year.
  • 10 years in a decade.
  • 100 years in a century.
  • 1000 years in a millennium.

Your life is precious. If you are changing, do it in an honorable, integrated, and deliberate way. I’ve found it helpful to write my own obituary, because then I can see my life from a larger perspective and one that entails a more holistic and life-long view.

The current issues in your current, temporary manifestation are simply a learning lesson for you. There are so many other moments, experiences, and ways to express your life that aren’t like they are right now. It is really a matter of finding the best way to match your ideal self with actions, feelings, words, and behavior that supports that.

For example, if you feel like “no one loves me” then it’s easy to fall into a trap of self-pity, neglect, and self-centeredness. However, if you feel like “I am a participant in the world” you can start to treat yourself with self-respect and self-care. The way to do this is by volunteering, helping others less fortunate, and participating in your community (try tutoring at the school, mentoring a student, being a Big Brother or Big Sister, or volunteering at a cleanup or event).

When you realize that you are part of a web of interconnectedness, some of the focus gets lifted from “poor lil me” and you can start to behave with more prosperity, looking out for others, and loving, respecting, and taking care of others. This comes back to you by you feeling better about yourself.

It works! Change your situation by changing yourself.


photo: amanecer sureño by paz leonel

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