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What I Wish for, and What I Pledge to Work Towards

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear

1) Respectful, loving, patient, and harmonious family relations

2) Abundant food, clear water, clean air, good soil, and a veggie & fruit garden

3) Bills that are paid in full

4) The ability to do good work for causes that I care about

5) Close friends and associates to share life with: changemakers, believers, dreamers, doers, darers

6) Prosperity - the horn of plenty, the cup that runneth over, the support of the Universe always

7) Health and physical, mental, & spiritual wellness

8) Joy and happiness in being alive

9) Peace on our planet

10) Enjoyment every day - enjoying what I do, enjoying where I live, enjoying family and friends, being grateful to be alive

11) Safety - with a special focus on a safe living environment for young people and elders, so they can thrive

12) Security - a sense of everlasting peace and the knowledge that nothing is insurmountable

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