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You Create It

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear

I receive ongoing updates from "The Universe", which is a great e-mail reminder service from TUT's Adventurers Club, at

This past one was great, and I want to share it:

Whatever you focus on, you will experience. When you talk about "what is" or "what was," even if you're just explaining to a friendly ear, you project more of the same into the future. If you ask more than you give thanks, you'll believe less in your own power. And if you insist that it's hard and that you're lonely, you'll find that it is, and you are. Yet, always you can choose to focus on what's good.

The Universe

What I want you to remember is that everything around you is a perception that started out in your mind.


Everything around you is a reflection of your inner state. You may have thought about it years ago, or recently. You may have consciously willed something into physical being, or you subconsciously or mindlessly brought something into physical format.

Everything in your physical environment, as well as at your job, in your relationship, in your finances, and even the food in your refrigerator and the car you drive, or the shoes you wear --- all of these were "envisioned" first by someone, and then obtained, by you, to be a physical manifestation of your interior life.

So, as TUT likes to remind us, the message to remember is: "Thoughts become things --- choose the good ones."


If everything around you is a product of your initial creative imagination, which then gives rise to your reality, then you --- yes YOU -- have an opportunity to re-create your reality. You can think about, envision, idealize, and create -- in your mind -- the new reality you wish to occupy. Then, all the external world will "catch up" to your internal belief system, just as it has right now.

So if you want change, you first, internally, change your mind, and then you allow that change to become real in your external world.

if you want more of the same, you do nothing.

What ideas are in your thoughts today? 



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