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Your Five-Year Plan - How You're Going to Get Where You Want to Go

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear

You either have a five-year plan, or you don't. It may be written down in great detail, it may be an idea in your mind, or it may be a scrap of paper you carry around in your wallet -- or it may be just something you're interested in right now.

Here are eight steps to help you get your five-year plan out of your mind and into reality.

1) Write it down.

When you write something down, it becomes more real, both to you as a physical inhabitant of reality, as well as to the Universe.

Think about the following: who you want to be, where you want to live, your relationships, and your job/career/work, your daily life ---- and describe it in exhaustive detail. I use Keynote (or Powerpoint) to create fairly detailed screenshots.

See what other real people are saying about their visionboards by searching Twitter:!/search/visionboard


2) Continue your education.

Create a schedule and learn weekly about a topic of your choice. Replace tv or mindless time with this continuing knowledge-gathering. Potential topics to think about include: business, finance, spiritual development, history, mythology, physical fitness, nutrition, technology. I'm sure you can come up with more.

Blogs, books, online courses, study groups, clubs, and in-person classes are great ways to connect with others interested in the same field.


3) Take risks.

Where you are now is a direct result of the risks you took up until this point. If you're going to stretch and exceed your expectations, you'll have to do something that scares you, just a little bit, every day.

Branch out. An excellent way to envision this is to think about how much money you currently make, or how many people/customers you currently reach, and increase by a factor of 10. What steps have to happen to make that idea a reality? Put those incremental steps into your 5-year plan.


4) Find new friends.

Some believe you are the sum total of the top five people with whom you hang out. Look around. Now is a great time to start dropping the haters, negative naysayers, and frienemies.

Find new individuals who support you and your dreams, and who are advancing along their own pathway --- you'll learn more, have more fun, stretch, and have closer people with whom to share your blessings.


5) Mentor.

Consider sharing your continuing evolution by mentoring someone less experienced than you. Mentoring takes the form of quarterly check-ins, a monthly chat, regular coffee, lunch, or breakfast, and ongoing interest in your mentee's personal and professional development.


6) Volunteer.

Come up with a scheduled plan to give back to your community. This is pro bono work - or time you invest -- for a non-profit, religious group, school, charity, or cause of your choice. 

You can offer your labor, or volunteer, or be a part of a board or governing organization. Love the organization you choose --- it makes it more fun.


7) Express gratitude.

The quickest way to heap blessings upon your life is to express your utmost appreciation and gratitude for all that you have. Everyday express gratitude for your life, for the opportunities you have, and for all the love that showers in on you. Expect even more of the good stuff.


8) Celebrate.

Always take time to celebrate your accomplishments. It's not the destination, it's the journey. Once you find that your personality, abilities, and soul are expanding, you'll realize that this evolution relies on the day-to-day, incremental baby steps you take on your journey. Five years = 1825 days = 43,800 hours = 2,628,000 minutes.


Make every moment count.


2012 visionboard, by monicadear  

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