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Be a Smart Mom: Monitor Your Teen's Internet Activity without Spying

Thu, 10/28/2010 - 6:52am | by joymali

Let's face it, children and teens are using the internet and mobile devices like never before. As the use of the web has skyrocketed as a communication tool, it has become increasingly difficult for parents to keep tabs on their children. This raises the question that every parent with teenagers has asked, should we be spying on our child's internet and mobile use?

It's very important for mothers to monitor kids online so they can remain informed and intervene quickly if their kids are engaged in questionable behavior, but can it be done without invading their privacy? Is there an internet monitoring software that requires no downloads or installation and still gives mothers the tools and the information they require to keep their child safe and protected on the web without spying 24*7 on them?

Parental Control applications like provides a web based tool that can help ensure internet safety for kids without spying by:

  • Knowing what is public about their child: By using an internet monitoring software moms can get the information that is publicly visible and is posted by the child on the web such as gender, home phone number, age, location, address, hometown etc. Further, by using internet monitoring applications moms can know which profiles are public and which information is limited to friends.

  • Getting Alerts: Content alerts (such as cyberbullying alerts, suicide alerts, depression alerts, drug and alcohol alerts, or adult or profanity alerts) can help you by automatically sending a text message or e-mail alert to you when their child posts content linked with unsuitable categories or unwanted behavior without the need to read each message posted by their child. This not only saves time for parents, but also filters the messages to protect the privacy of the child.

  • Monitor Exactly What is Needed: The benefit of using the service is you do not need to monitor all of the information that your child post. It also presents the requested information in an easy to read format to keep you informed of the specific activity you want to be alerted to with no download required and no software installation needed.

By using parental control applications, adults can stay informed about the potentially hazardous activities of their child such as drugs or alcohol abuse, use of adult language or profanity, sex, depression or suicide and much more without spying on their child. It is a great way for parents to keep personal boundaries while providing some parental control online.

About the author:
Joy is a parent – teen relationship expert guiding parents to ensure their child's Internet safety through Internet monitoring software and parental control tools like – a Web-based online monitoring application for parents. For more internet safety tips for parents, visit .

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