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Become A Motivational Coach Fast!

Fri, 05/06/2011 - 11:11am | by Jeffrey Sooey

If you wanted to learn quickly how to become a motivational coach, all you have to do is follow these four tips from the masters:

1. SET A CLEAR GOAL. This is the starting point. A very specific goal requires comprehensive reasons why you chose the goal. Therefore you will be motivated and inspired to accomplish it. Your goal should be quantifiable and doable. To illustrate: your goal is to greatly influence the lives of thirty clients per month. Then you have to exert all your effort to be able to coach thirty people. Now you can measure your success in this regard: to do so to less than thirty means you fell short of your goal.

2. TAKE MASSIVE ACTION. Make the first step, even while you are still learning the whole process. For example: you may announce that you offer free sessions to get started in becoming a motivational coach.  If you do not act towards your goal, nothing will happen. The first few steps you take even with a little knowledge give you the power to pursue your goal.

3. TRACK AND MONITOR THE RESULTS. Feedback from clients is crucial- they can tell you what is working and what is not.

4. MODIFY YOUR PLAN. This is essential. The feedback you got from step 3 will show you that you have to go back to your plan and do some adjustments. Do the same all over again as needed.

How to Motivate Your Clients

There is a big difference between activity-focused and results-oriented. Most of your clients belong to the former as they prefer an easy assignment or just want to be appreciated for what they did. There is need therefore to change your clients' thinking.

To shift thinking from the former to the latter, you have to teach your clients how to use a results template:

1. On a clean sheet of paper, list the results across the top. Below each result, write the actions required to get the desired result.

2. They should also identify the various roles they play while working of the particular result. Entrepreneurs wear different hats while doing their business. Below each role, the clients must write the feelings that go with each task. This will encourage them to foster a greater sense of purpose.

A coach who can teach his or her clients to concentrate on the purpose of their results truly knows how to motivate clients at the highest level. This technique is unlike a motivational seminar but is just a powerful, doable and manageable.


Photo credit by B. S. Wise

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