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A Fitness or Personal Weight Loss Coach Teaches Clients How to Set Goals

Fri, 08/10/2012 - 5:27pm | by Jeffrey Sooey

A fitness coach or personal weight loss coach helps his clients set goals. A fitness coach always helps his clients enhance their health. One way to help your clients maintain a healthy lifestyle is to become their personal weight loss coach. A universal reason people get a personal weight loss coach is to look or feel better. They came to hire you as a fitness coach because they want to appear better and weight loss is one way to reach that objective. When your clients seek you as their fitness coach and want to find ways to reduce their weight, there are two things you can do as their personal weight loss coach to start them on the road to attaining their goals.

A Fitness Coach Helps his Clients Decide EXACTLY, and Write Down, What They Want

A personal weight loss coach urges his clients to determine exactly what they want in a very precise way. Can you do that? If your clients wrote down, “I want to lose weight,” and you helped them lose one pound, does that make you an effective fitness coach? Of course not, because losing only one pound will not make them look or feel better. To find out what it is your clients really want, have them opt for a definite goal. All they have to do is to identify their target weight. For example, if they want to weigh 185 pounds and they now weigh 228 pounds, their goal is to lose 43 pounds.

Personal Weight Loss Coach Tip: Your Client’s Weight Loss Goal Is Measurable

A goal must be written down. Once your personal weight loss coach client has written down his goal, check whether it is achievable and measurable. By “measurable” is meant that you, as his fitness coach, will have a way to know when he has reached his objective. In the example, your client aims to weigh 185 pounds, or to lose 43 pounds. It is measurable, so you can keep an eye on his progress. This is the only way to recognize whether your client is working towards his goal. If your fitness coach client’s goal is not measurable, then go back and rewrite it until it is clearly measurable. Thus a successful personal weight loss coach helps his client write goals, monitors his progress, which keeps him motivated.


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