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How to Command Respect

Mon, 08/01/2011 - 8:08pm | by juliaslovich

We all know people that we would describe as natural leaders. These people don’t even have to speak, yet they still command our attention. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to be born a leader and not all of us naturally exude confidence and authority. Is there any hope for us then? Anyone can learn how to command respect and attention if they follow these tips to make new habits.

1. Good posture

If you work on one thing at a time, tackle this one first. Have you ever seen someone shuffling down the hall, shoulders hunched, and thought to yourself, “Gee, that person is so confident and I respect them!” Probably not. Pull your shoulders back will instantly give you an air of confidence. Don’t cross your arms in front of your chest or put your hands on your hips because it makes you look confrontational. Distribute your weight evenly across your feet. Posture is a difficult thing to change but keep at it!

2. Look interested

People are more likely to respect you when you show interest in them and what they have to say. Tilting your head to one side shows that you are intently listening to them. Don’t stare blankly either because it shows a lack of interest. Try to look and be as engaging as possible! People like when you care about what they are saying.

3. Keep your hands still

Someone who is always fidgeting looks immature and self-absorbed. Keep your hands still by your sides or in your lap. Tapping your fingers makes you seem impatient and disinterested, so does playing with your phone. If you want to make people respect you, be careful that your hand movements don’t send the wrong message.

4. Look like someone that commands respect

You can follow all of these tips, but at the end of the day if you don’t look like someone worthy of respect, you won’t get any. Don’t dress like a slob. It’s important that you wear well-fitted clothes that fit your role. For example, if you are in corporate business, don’t wear jeans! It seems obvious, but personal grooming is key to commanding respect. Look the part and you are more likely to get it.

Don’t expect to turn yourself around in a week, or even a month. Making new habits take time – especially when these habits involve how you conduct yourself and interact with others. Persevere, be patient and eventually all of these skills will come naturally to you, just like they do to those natural leaders.

About the author: Julia is a writer passionate about health, fitness & blogging. When she's not running her dog she can sometimes be found writing about laser liposuction, cooking and a myriad of other topics.



Photo by B.S. Wise

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