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Top 10 Reasons To Become a Coach (Which you did not know): Why You Should Become a Coach

Fri, 05/13/2011 - 11:04am | by Jeffrey Sooey

Each coach has his own list of reasons why he is in the business. Some were acknowledged even before starting the business. Still others surfaced in the process. My reasons are both personal and extrinsic.

My Personal Top 10 Reasons To Become a Coach

1. Coaching gives me the direction, a sense of purpose and a chance to be able to impact on other people’s life!

2. It taught me what accountability and integrity are about. Now, I take responsibility for my actions, good or bad. That is accountability. Now I just cannot tell a friend, ”I’ll call you tomorrow”, casually. I have to mean it and have to keep my word. That is integrity.

3. In the course of doing the business, I have learned a lot about myself. I realized that the way I perceive myself (what motivates me, how competitive I am, etc.) is entirely different from how others perceive me.

4. In doing the business, I learned a whole new language and science: that of marketing, selling, persuasion and influence.

5. I have become adept in functioning at my peak productive state and maintaining this productivity has become a lot easier for me.

The extrinsic reasons among my “top 10”: 

6. Coaches comprise an amazing community of people with their own reasons for being. There are various types of coaches, namely: sports coaches, business coaches, personal coaches, spiritual coaches and everything in between. Despite this diversity, the desire to help other people is one commonality, a reason transcending reason that makes us kindred spirits.

7. It introduced me to a constant inflow of new people whose life I have the privilege of inspiring although temporarily and for a short period.

8. On occasion, I have interrupted people, taken a superior stance or astounded them to alter their state. I love the “bad girl” role which is not normal for me. Likewise, I have been assertive to get the desired result from my clients.

9. Teaching a person to take responsibility for his actions is doing him an incredible service. When a lapse in integrity surfaces in a coach-client relationship, I can be sure that the same lapses have occurred in that client’s life and work.

10. I have the power to direct my time to the goal of earning 6 figures plus, and still have enough time for travel, for my family or whatever I want to do. The foregoing are the top 10 reasons to become a coach that keep me going. Now tell me yours!


Photo by Aidan Jones

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