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Visionboard #12: The River of Life

Sun, 04/08/2012 - 2:43pm | by monicadear

This visionboard relates to the idea that life continually moves forward, like a river. You can't "freeze" or stop a river, you merely go into it and let it carry you forward.

You can choose to paddle in a particular direction, if you're in a boat.
You might want to "step out" of the river every once in a while, just to take a breather.
It's easiest to float along - it becomes more difficult if you try and swim against the current.

When I think about the "river of life" being a continuous source of delight, ongoing change, and constant flow, I don't feel too bad when I'm thinking I'm "stuck" in a particular situation, or if I don't feel like I'm moving forward fast enough.

Just flow with it, baby!

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