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Visionboard #3: Earth - I am Here

Fri, 10/14/2011 - 12:24am | by monicadear

I have always been concerned with the environment - in high school my dear friend and I started the "Ecology Club" and from the example of my mother I've done my best to compost, recycle, reuse, and reduce, and to generally consume less stuff.

My company received our first green certification in September 2006 and we've consistently, steadily, and measurably reduced our impact. Here's our environmental and social responsibility "report card".

I feel extremely responsible for the next generations. As a family and company we've done things like: reduce our consumption, stop printing paper (and literally getting rid of the printer), reduce travel, start composting, plant a vegetable garden, insulate our windows, increase Skype and web conferencing, plant drought-tolerant shrubs, and hire and support other green contractors and green businesses.

It's been a process of slow change. It took us years to get in the habit of bringing our own mugs, utensils, takeaway food containers, and shopping bags.

I began blogging for and then created a directory of green women-owned businesses at Currently I'm working through to establish a member-run marketplace of eco-friendly products. My partner and I have also created website redesigns for two county-level public agencies who deal with waste management/recycling.

There's still work to be done. Styrofoam is so prevalent, and the convenience factor can be so overwhelming for things like plastic clamshells, paper coffee cups, drinking straws, and paper napkins.

I believe that each of us can work one day at a time to reduce our footprint and to tread more lightly on the earth.


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