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Visionboard #4: Daily Gratitude

Sat, 11/26/2011 - 5:10pm | by monicadear

I chose to put the idea of "Gratitude" very early on in my visionboard listing, so I always see it and it's always at the forefront.

In terms of my ability to incorporate that into my life, I feel like it has been a long journey towards being able to be grateful and to express that gratitude. I've been working on getting over feelings of "not being worthy" and guilt and insecurity, and so the practice of adopting an "attitude of gratitude" is my way towards expanding my capacity for joy, wealth, bountifulness, abundance, peace, healthy living and loving relationships.

When I was growing up, it was in a very sheltered and very stable and secure environment. I'm grateful to my parents and extended family for this security -- I never truly wanted for anything  and I feel very fortunate that as a child, there were expectations, responsibilities, privileges, and a very structured day-to-day. I didn't realize until I was older that having involved parents, after-school activities, piano lessons, 3 meals and snacks, and my own bedroom were unimaginable luxuries for some. Now, as a parent myself, I feel like it's very important to provide as much stability as possible for my family: that means, to me, that everyone feels loved, appreciated, and supported, and belief is that we'll ride the ups-and-downs of life together.

I am very grateful for my health, my mental and physical abilities, and the different activities I get to engage in on a regular basis. I feel very blessed in terms of my life and I truly feel like every day is a "present." I work on this constantly, getting beyond my "inner troll" that I call "crabby ragamuffin" - a figure who is never satisfied, who is petulant, a whiner and complainer, and who can never be truly happy in the moment. I encourage you to identify the own monkey-on-your-back that drags you down and makes you question the validity of your presence on the planet.

My challenge is to accept all the blessings that come to me, to not feel afraid of the future, and to experience and share the confidence that everything in life is going as it should be. I believe (and I keep repeating) that I have the strength and ability to move past obstacles, and I have the flexibility and ability to appreciate all the wonderful things that have come my way. More wonderful things continue to happen in my life - I am grateful for everything and every day.

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