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Visionboard #6: What I Do

Sun, 10/16/2011 - 4:39am | by monicadear

I thought it prudent to lead, early on in my visionboarding process, with "what I do."

I think of this as something beyond my current job, or my current status, but more of an example of "what I do with my life."

There are three pictures of flowers on this part of my visionboard, because I love flowers and my last name literally means "flowers". There's echinachea, a sunflower, and a poppy flower - a range of color, texture, healing properties, and general prettiness to look at and enjoy. There's also my statements about how I do what I do, namely:

1) I interact on a global level with passionate, committed changemakers.

I choose to affiliate myself with others around the world who believe in the same values as I do. We work together to advance justice, peace and understanding.

2) I make a positive social & environmental impact through action.

I choose to make a difference and do so through direct action, not just talking about change but physically going out into the world and embodying it/creating it.

3) I achieve my goals, and support others in achieving their goals.

This is the whole point of publicly committing to goals through my visionboard and to working in community with other women (as partners, advisors, and co-workers) towards a shared goal of success

4) I elevate the discussion.

There are plenty of people who want to roll in the gutter, gossip, and cut people down. I choose to focus instead on women's success and ways we each attain our ideal version of success. Again, this is a community "Devoted to supporting, celebrating, and highlighting women's success."

5) I am a woman of vision and action.

I came up with this with my coach Rob Seidenspinner years ago -- in this, I wanted to declare that I first think about what type of world I want to inhabit, and then I move forward "boldly in the direction of those dreams." I believe I need both vision and action to continue moving in a positive direction.

That's what I do, and what I believe in, and what I hope to embody with the gift of my life.

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