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Visionboard #8: Eternity

Tue, 11/08/2011 - 9:20pm | by monicadear

So I'll take a moment to get into very personal stuff here.

The reason that I created this visionboard slide for "Eternity" is because I believe that each of us has an eternal soul, for which we are totally responsible, and which we honor and protect through our whole physical life on the planet.

I chose the waterfall to display the idea of water being an endless, cycling, life-giving and life-affirming element that is interwoven into all of our lives. Our own bodies are made up of water. Without water we don't survive -- water is our native element and science shows us that all life on Earth originated in our oceans. A waterfall itself is cyclical and everlasting -- the rains coalesce over this mountain range and the water trickles down through rain and condensation, and then all the droplets join together into a river, which leaps down the side of the cliff face (this waterfall is on the road to Hana, in Maui).

I believe that each of us is in karmic balance with the universe -- so we must be very clear about what it is that we are doing here, and we must right whatever wrongs we originated, and we must definitely fulfill our personal mission.

Is your eternal soul clear, focused, and correct in its path? If not, what are you doing to get in alignment with your soul's purpose here? I am constantly working on that process myself, and I think each of us is here to truly experience what it means to "incarnate" as an eternal soul inside a temporary physical being.

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