Appropriate Attire for the Office – What Not to Wear

An example of appropriate office attire.

by Jenna Ghosheh

I have worked with many women across all industries, and there are some basic fundamentals of office attire that women frequently have questions about. Here are 5 basic tips of what not to wear to the office.

Keep in mind that you should dress for the position desired, not the position you have, always.

Computer Repairs: DIY or Hire a Pro?


If your computer flashes that gray screen and won't boot up, chances are your first response is absolute panic. Hopefully you've backed everything up, so even if the situation is dire you won't lose all your precious files, photos and music. But if smaller glitches appear, you might be thinking about trying to tackle them yourself. Unless you graduated with a computer science degree, there are probably some repairs that are well outside your range of skills. But with the massive amount of information now at your fingertips online, it can be tempting to try and handle the situation without ringing up an expensive repair bill through a professional. So how do you know when you can attempt to do-it-yourself, and when it is better to go right to the pros?

Essential Tech Products for the Modern Business Woman


The modern business woman needs technology that works quick and intuitively, without costly glitches. Luckily, technology companies are more than up to the challenge. The information age has transformed the way we conduct business, from how products are marketed and advertised to how they are manufactured, and even how customers purchase from brands.

Here are a few of the essential technology products any modern business woman must have in her toolkit.

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