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Creating the Home Office That Will Keep You Productive

Tue, 07/01/2014 - 12:24pm | by handywomanathome

If you’re anything like me, finding time to yourself sometimes seems impossible. Not only are you occupied with housework, but you’re also tending to your family. These are time consuming activities and can leave you little time to do the simplest tasks, like feeding yourself. Not only are you kept busy, you are slowly losing track of important papers.  When you have the responsibility of keeping up with important documents that among other things, include school and doctor’s records, it makes things so much easier to have them placed in an organized area. If you find yourself with an excessive amount of paperwork or if you work from home, a home office is the answer to your dilemma.

Finding the Right Space

Remember that location is everything when it comes to your office. You’ll want to choose an area that is private. If you don’t have the kind of space to dedicate an entire room to an office, you can reserve a corner of a room. In either case, it should be in an area where you can get work done without distractions around you.

Anatomy of Your Office

Decide what components will make up the basic structure of your work space. A deciding factor in how you will furnish your space is what your office will be used for. Are you in need of a large table for crafting items? Or will you primarily be typing and able to successfully work with a small desk?

Making Room for Your Desk - Most people would prefer an open workspace with a large desk, but this is not always an option with the layout of some homes. If you have a small area to work in, try using walls for storage. Install shelves and store items up high rather than on the floor--this opens up the room and leaves the desk clear of clutter.

Utilizing Bookshelves for Storage- Bookshelves are one of my favorite pieces of furniture. Not only are they great for storage, but they are versatile. Paint them, place them in a bedroom as a shoe organizer, or place them in your office to hold storage boxes. These bad boys can also be used to create a room divide when you have made an office in an open area.

The right chair- Many people underestimate the importance of a comfortable office chair. When you work in an office, this is where you spend much of your time. Choosing a comfortable, quality chair can help avoid back problems.

Using Cool Colors- If you decide to paint your office, choose a color that promotes clarity and productiveness. Blue is thought to be tranquil and calming. Try painting your walls or finding other ways to incorporate shades of blue in your office.

A Big Comfy Couch– Though the main purpose of your office is for work, let’s face it: you get exhausted sometimes and simply need a break. That’s where a couch comes in handy. Find a beautiful couch that will complement the colors you choose for your office.

Aesthetic Touches

Add personal touches to your office that will make it feel as though it truly is created for and by you. An empty office with cold, bland surfaces is enough to bore you into being distracted by the latest viral video. This leads to zero work being done. Instead of torturing yourself with a not-so-exciting design, liven up your office. Go ahead; bust out the pictures of your puppy or all those kitten figurines.

Wall Art– Get your creative juices flowing by selecting pictures that stimulate your brain. Decorate your walls with these pieces of art. Also opt to hang your clock on the wall rather than take up space on your desk. With all the options you have, you can find an interestingly constructed clock that will serve as wall art.

Choose the proper lighting – The ideal home office will include a window with a nice view. There are plenty people who do not have this option. In this case, light must be created. Using the correct type of lighting is critical in a home office. Lights should be bright enough as not to interfere with your ability to write or read text on a computer screen.

Be sure to include desk organizational tools in your office in order to prevent clutter. Your home office is the space for you to focus and complete the important tasks at hand. Design it in a way that is comfortable and functional.

Author Bio: Jennifer Parker is a handy woman to have around the house. Her passion is home living and she manages a home improvement blog in the living, design, and decor niches. She also writes for Floor and Decor and her work can be found on various interior design and remodeling blogs around the web. 

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