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Office Envy: Professional and Stylish Office Decorating Tips

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by Guest Contributor

Chances are, if people were asked where they would prefer to work, they'd probably say from the comfort of their own homes. There's data to actually support the fact that 45% of the employees in the country currently hold jobs that would be considered to be "telecommute-friendly".

Then there are the rest of us; those who, like it or not, have to go into the office. Here's something to consider, though: A lot of people want to be home because if it's comfort. Sure, there are other conveniences, but just think about how much the perception of working in an office environment would change if it were styled to fit our individual personalities and preferences? If we actually did design our office space to be, well, comfortable? Not "lounging around in your pajamas and socks" comfort, but professional, stylist and modern comfortable. Never thought about it that way? Well, here are some tips to further inspire you.

Office Design Blogs

These days, there is a blog for virtually everything including ones devoted strictly to office design. Two in particular that may give you some ideas are and The cool thing about referencing blogs is that a lot of them are updated on a pretty regular basis and so you can end up discovering some really cutting edge concepts weeks or even months before the latest home décor magazine comes out.

Dress Up the Walls

There are a lot of ways to do this. You can purchase a piece of art. You can order a print. You can put up a vanity mirror, which tends to make the space you're in seem larger than it really is. You can even create your own collage of pressed flowers or family pictures. These are all great ways of not just making your wall space more interesting to look at, but showing off a piece of your personality too. Oh, and don't forget to frame them and consider swapping out frames from time-to-time. That's another innovative way to accessorize.

What Do Your Organizational Tools Look Like?

One of the best things that you can do for the environment and free up some desk space is work on a laptop. It uses eighty-percent less energy than a desktop and, of course, a lot of them come with a variety of creative case covers. But don't stop there. Waste baskets, pen and pencil holders, clocks, book ends, sticky notes, dry erase boards, file folders, filing cabinets...these are all things that, with a little bit of color or a pattern-print, it can bring an office to life. If you're working with a cubical, aside from the furniture (you may not be able to get human resources to get you an Ipe wood filing cabinet!), the same rule applies. If your favorite color is purple, just think what a little portable lamp in that color could do for your desk space.

Go Green

A plant is a wonderful way to feel home away from home. Chinese Evergreens, Spider plants, Peace Lilies and African Violets are all plants that don't require a lot of upkeep or sunlight. Some people are in the habit of buying fresh flowers once a week for their kitchen table or to put beside their bed. Why not reward yourself each week by bringing in a bouquet for your office space? One week it can be daisies and another week it can be tulips; a quick and beautiful way to bring variety into the room.

Switch Up Seasonally

We tend to decorate our homes for Halloween and Christmas, right? Why not do the same at your office? Bring in a miniature tree for Christmas. During your birth month, perhaps put a ceramic bowl with candies or gag gifts in it. Or maybe change the colors of your organizational items to go with the weather. Perhaps green for spring and earth tones for fall. Stores like Target and Walmart tend to carry these kinds of items at really low prices and it's a great way to keep the people at your office guessing!

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