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Stress Relief Outside of the Workplace: A Day At The Spa

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by shane

Regardless of whether you currently hold your dream career, or are in the middle of clawing your way from middle management to the top, work can be taxing.  And it can be hard to let go of work off hours.  But it is important that our career is developing, not our wrinkles.  So it’s important to find an escape where you can find relaxation and do something for yourself.  And it just so happens that spas are a frequent destination for many different people. Whether you are looking to unwind from work, relax during vacation or improve your fitness, there is a spa out there that is perfect for you.

Not all spas are created equal however. In recent years, many different types of spas have taken root and there is now a type of spa tailored to each specific need. You’ll want to choose the right type of spa depending on what you want to get out of your stay, especially if you’re looking for the perfect escape from work.

Here’s a look at the eight types of health spas with some information about each. No matter what you hope to accomplish outside of the office, one of the spa types below will be a perfect fit.

1.       Day spas

Day spas are, as the name suggests, spas where guests arrive for same-day treatments. This is the most common type of spa and can be found in many locations. Day spas can range from small, single room facilities to large, extravagant buildings. Most day spas offer massages, facials and other beauty or body treatments. Spa-goers looking for a convenient and quick escape should search for day spas local to their area.

2.       Destination spas

Destination spas offer guests a more robust getaway. Stays at a destination spa are typically at least 2 nights and a wealth of services are provided. Fresh, healthy meals; fitness classes; lectures and spa treatments are commonplace at destination spas. Those looking for a longer and even more relaxing experience should plan to attend a destination spa for at least a couple of nights. The most famous destination spas are located in pristine locations such as southern California or the Caribbean. There are plenty of other idyllic destination spas in less expensive locales, however.

3.       Medical spas

Medical spas not only deliver relaxation and comfort, but they provide medicinal services as well. Many different conditions can be treated at medical spas including aging skin, hair loss and acne. Visitors of medical spas can receive professional medical attention and care as they would at a physician’s office, while being greeted with the atmosphere of a spa. Wraps, salts and massages are used at medical spas to help cure visitors of their various maladies.

4.       Resort spas

The most well-known and talked about spas typically fall into the category of resort spas. Resort spas are designed for overnight guests and offer some guilty pleasures you wouldn’t typically find at a health spa. Delectable food, wine and other pleasures await guests of resort spas. Of course, there are plenty of the typical spa offerings as well: world-class massages, facials and other treatments abound. You’re also likely to find offerings for the whole family at a resort spa. Planned activities for all members of the family are part of the experience. Some of the most famous resort spas are the Banyan Tree in Thailand, The Setai in Miami and the Four Seasons Hualalai Kona in Hawaii.  If you are traveling with kids or want to completely unwind and take in a variety of food and activities, a resort spa is a fine choice.

5.       Club spas

Club spas are a relatively new type of spa that deliver elite fitness facilities and world-class spa treatments. Typically members-only, these elite clubs allow members the ability to train or work out and then relax afterwards, perhaps with a massage or trip to the sauna. Most large cities have several club spas. Individuals looking for a well-rounded, full-body experience would be best to find a nearby club spa. Some local gyms offer spa services as well.

6.       Eco spas

For the environmentally-conscious, eco spas build upon the traditional relaxation offered at a spa by adding nature into the equation. Treatments involve all-natural, organically made products and guests are often treated to a cup of organic green tea or wheat grass water while they are there. Eco spas have long been the hot destination for actors and other celebrities, but the recent uptake in environmental awareness has made them an increasingly popular destination for a wide variety of spa-goers.

7.       Mobile spas

Can’t leave the office or stuck in town for the weekend? Why not seek out a spa experience without traveling a step! Mobile spa services are offered by professionals who bring the spa to wherever you are. Massages and other treatments can be performed in the comfort of your own home. Some workplaces have also begun offering periodic spa treatments as well. There are a number of mobile spa providers in every major city, and chances are there is at least one local to your area. Another great idea is to have a mobile spa party and invite your friends over for the experience!

8.       Thalassotherapy spas

One progressive type of spa is the thalassotherapy spa. Similar to an eco spa, thalassotherapy spas specifically use the ocean and marine-based products such as sea salt, saltwater, seaweed and alluvial mud for treatments. This provides another organic and all-natural option for spa goers. These centers are typically located near the ocean and are very popular in Europe and Africa. While the thalassotherapy spa practice is certainly in its infancy, people have been turning to the mineral-rich ocean for therapeutic uses since the early 1900s. It’s an experience guests won’t soon forget!

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