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How to Stay Focused at Work When You Are Going Through a Divorce


One of the absolute hardest things for anyone to go through is heartbreak, and if it's by way of a divorce, that makes it just that much more difficult.

One day, you're standing before a minister (or a judge) to pledge your undying love to your spouse and then months or years later, you find yourself in a space where the relationship is coming to an end. The irony is that while your love life has come to a halt, you're still having to accept the fact that life goes on, oftentimes with very little mercy, as you try and adjust to your "new normal". This reality check can be extremely trying while at the office.

Top 5 Ways That Money Problems Lead to Divorce


Among the top contenders of divorce-causing problems is money. Money stress can drastically change the dynamics of even the happiest marriage. Though it's rarely the only reason a couple divorces, stressing over finances often seeps into all other aspects of life. Below are 5 of the top ways money problems lead to divorce. Being aware of these at all stages of a marriage could help you and your spouse communicate through your financial problems.

Know Your Rights: Breast Cancer and the Workplace


So, you've recently found out that you have breast cancer and, as if you don't already have a ton that's on your mind and plate, you've still got to muster up the energy (and sometimes even the motivation) to go to work every day and deal with the demands that are there. You don't want to be treated any differently than before in the sense of having people pity you or having your supervisor not trust you to continue to do your job well, but the reality is that things are different now (at least temporarily). So, it's a good idea to know what your rights are as a breast cancer patient while still operating within the workplace.

What Are Your Legal Rights?

Top Health Issues for Aging Women


They say that wine only gets better with time and honestly, when it comes to the maturity of a woman, this resolve also applies. While women are naturally beautiful in their own right at any age, there's nothing like the confidence and peace of mind that seems to come only with the passing of years and the growth from experience. Therefore, aging isn't something that women should fear; they should lovingly embrace it.

The Importance of Taking Risks in Your Career