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The Importance of Being on Time and Meeting Deadlines in Business


As a working woman you need to set yourself ahead of the curve in terms of professionalism. Having employers and clients taking you seriously is the first step to moving up the corporate ladder and achieving the success you desire. Getting your reputation to that standard is not an easy task, however, and requires a full approach in every sense of the business lifestyle, including clothing and business attitude. A huge part of delivering the air of professionalism that will help drive your career is punctuality.

Why You Should Carry Business Cards with You Wherever You Go


In the business world very little carries more weight than a well known name. A name that retains clout is priceless when it comes to acquiring licenses and retaining contracts. People always feel for comfortable around established names with professionals they have heard of. So how does one get herself to being known amongst their industry? As it turns out business cards can be an excellent start. Producing business cards well run you a negligible sum with almost immediately recognizable results.

Women and Money: The Top Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Women and men are not so terribly different when it comes to the things they want out of life: love, comfort, food on the table and a roof over their heads.  But when it comes to spending money, the sexes seem to have vastly different ideas about how it should be spent.  This is not to say that one gender is more responsible than another, it’s just that they diverge on the point of what is worthy of spending disposable income on. 

Joining Clubs for Career Women: A Great Way to Network


How to Ensure Your Job Security

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These days, hanging onto a good job can be a dicey proposition.  Layoffs are ongoing, unemployment is on the rise, and despite assurances by the government that things are turning around, the job market does not seem to be improving.  Because of this, many people are willing to do more to hold onto their jobs, including taking up the slack for positions that have been eliminated (less employees doesn’t always mean less work) and working longer hours without commensurate compensation.  But you don’t necessarily need to give up your life in order to keep your job.  By simply being a good employee, you can secure your place at the company you work for.  Here are just a few ways to make yourself indispensable.