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How to Get More Done--Try These Simple Tactics

Too much to do, too little time

Sometimes we have to admit we can’t get everything done.  It happens especially when our to-do list creeps onto a second page and continually nags us.

The outcome:  we can feel paralyzed; nothing gets done.

The first step is to focus on what’s most important and what will really make a difference.  To-do lists can become cluttered because we put everything on them from major projects at work to picking up the dry cleaning on the way home.

Repairing Difficult Relationships

Couple talking, by Ed Yourdon

Many of us have someone in our life where the relationship is strained, difficult and emotionally distant. Often that person is a family member or an in-law. It’s someone that remains in our orbit but we don’t look forward to spending time with them. 

I heard a friend of mine describe her reaction to a very difficult sister-in-law as: “I don’t like the way I am when I’m around her. She says things that make me angry, but it’s impossible to have a conversation about our difficulties without her starting a big, loud, out-of-control argument. So I just bottle up my feelings for the sake of family harmony.”

Online Surveys Are a Great Way to Get Customer Feedback


Curious about what your customers think about your product? Want to get some additional product ideas? Looking to gauge your customers’ interest in a new product? Consider sending out an online survey.  Surveys have become easier and much less expensive to do and can yield valuable information about your customers' likes and dislikes.

Here are a few basics to remember:

Before you design your survey:

·         Clearly articulate the goals of your survey. Why are you running a survey? What, specifically, will you do with the survey results? How will the information help you improve your customer's experience with your company or product?

That Hated Interview Question: What Are Your Weaknesses?

Jobs keyboard

Most interviews follow a fairly predictable path. 

·         Tell us about yourself.

·         Tell us some of your accomplishments.

·         What are your strengths.

And usually the next question is:  What would you say your weaknesses are?

The Secret to Better Communication Skills


If you want to get ahead in your career, start by working on becoming a better listener. Without the ability to listen effectively, we are likely to misunderstand what’s being said and that can result in poor performance. The ability to listen well is cited as the communication skill most lacking in new employees.  And on average, we spend 60% of our time listening at working. 

How do you become a good listener?  By practicing.  That’s right, practicing.  What we think we hear isn’t always what was said.  Listening requires complex thinking abilities.