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The 4 Most Common Christmas Toy Dangers

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For most families, the holidays are a time to celebrate, enjoy the company of loved ones, and of course eat Christmas cookies. However, it’s important to recognize that the season does necessitate a few precautions, as there are some dangers that can arise during this time for children, particularly with Christmas toys.

To help you create a safe environment, here is a list of the top four Christmas toy dangers:


4 Credit Card Myths of Stay-at-Home Moms

Credit Card Myths

When the Card Act of 2009 became law, it effectively changed how stay-at-home moms could apply for credit. This act was established to protect consumers from predatory lending practices, and in many ways, it has been beneficial for consumers. However, one of its requirements was that credit card issuers can no longer consider household income when qualifying a card applicant for a new account. Instead, only the individual’s income could be reviewed. While this has prevented some people from obtaining credit when they had no financial means to repay borrowed money, it also has prevented stay-at-home moms from obtaining a credit card. The fact is, however, that the passage of this act has perpetuated some myths about stay-at-home moms and credit cards.

Women In Construction

Women in construction, by University of Salford

Women have been turning to different employment sectors in the past twenty years. From the traditional secretary and receptionist roles, women are moving into the male dominated industries such as construction.

Since 1980 the female labour force has increased from 50.2% to 51.8% while the male labour forced has decreased by almost three per cent. This is a direct result on education and economic development.

Why Are Women Choosing Construction

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9 Tips For Making a Better Life

At the wharf

I'm a firm believer in being as passionate as possible about what you do during your daily routine.

Why engage in an activity if you don't feel like it feeds your soul's purpose for being here? Why do something if it runs counter to your sense of freedom, being alive, and enthusiasm? Why do something at all if you're not going to do it as well as you can?

Green Kid Crafts - a Mompreneur's Story

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