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Kreative Dezign | Website and graphic design studio

Kreative Dezign, D&G Custom Graphics, DH Linked and the North Central Community Business Directory have combined forces to do just that. Four top-quality, trusted and passionate service businesses, coming together under one roof in Fitchburg, MA. Since we are all...

Spark and Hustle 2012
Tory Johnson - Spark and Hustle Boston

Tory Johnson's Spark and Hustle is coming to a city near you!

From SparkandHustle.com, this full-day program is for passionate, purpose- and profit-driven women who are committed to boosting their bottom line.

Women attend these events for two main reasons...

Big Tree, by monicadear
Are you a Visionary or an Executor? Twelve Tips to Make your Idea a Reality

Being a visionary is great for inventors, idea people, researchers, and dreamers. Thomas Edison had an idea about a light source and perfected the light bulb after hundreds of tries. Steve Jobs had clear ideas about design and user interface of his products to...

Running on the beach, by Smabs Sputzer
Five Tips for Taking Care of your Health

Women approaching middle age have challenges in terms of staying fit, strong, and healthy, taking care of nutrition, and having a wellness-focused lifestyle. Common stressors at this age (35 to 55) include family issues (...

Businesslady, by victor1558
A Successful Woman in My City

We're rolling out a city features section where you'll be able to post stories, business resources, or your own listing for your specific city.

We invite you to join us as a new member and contribute your own items...

ASW Longterm Posting Agreement - 12 Pack

Available for ongoing submitters only. Allows the ability to post 12 articles to the website.

Updated 2012.10.22

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125x125 Sidebar Ads are available on all right sidebars of the ASuccessfulWoman.com site.

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Five Characteristics of Successful Women


You see them all around you; women succeeding in every avenue of life.  They seem to have direction and know what they’re doing.  They seem busy, satisfied, and put together while you can barely coordinate an outfit.  You wonder how...