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Calculator, by 401(K) 2012
5 Reasons to Study Accounting

College students nationwide have returned to the classrooms this fall, many unsure of what they are eventually going to major in. If you find yourself in similar place, maybe it is time you consider a degree in accounting, whether you attend classes on campus or want...

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Do you have to incorporate your business?

Whether you run a small business on the side while working full-time for an employer, or you work full-time from home, you may be considering the benefits of incorporating your business, or trying to determine what your legal responsibilities are.

Depending on...

How secure are your online passwords?

The hacking of over 6 million passwords from LinkedIn should have all of us worried. I checked my LinkedIn password using a free tool from LastPass.  And yes it was hacked and published. Security experts are...

5 Common Investing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

At one point or another, we all have considered making some sort of investment. Correction: At some point in our lives, all of us_ do_ make investments, whether it's of our time, our efforts or our resources. The thing is, when it comes to making a wise one, we...

Car Buying Tips for Women


Buying a new car should be an exciting and fun experience, not one fraught with suspicion and fear.  But that’s how many women feel when they venture out to purchase a new vehicle.  Unscrupulous car dealerships sometimes unfairly assume...

Love to Shop Local
9 Ways to Shop Local and Support your Community

When looking for gifts, no one needs yet another plastic thing made in a foreign country. Consider these gift-giving ideas to help keep money in your local economy:

1) CSA Box from a farmer or co-op in the area. If your gift recipient appreciates...

Recession, by Kevin Burkett
Was your business beaten by the recession or did your business beat the recession?

With the world economy being one of the major points of focus in 2011 and without a doubt it will continue to be in 2012, businesses were faced with challenging times and had to make difficult business decisions to survive.

From the book ...

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Top Tips to “Break the Tax Code” And Stretch Your Do-It-Yourself Dollar


With the current state of our shrinking economy, financially squeezed consumers are turning more toward “Do-It-Yourself” projects on everything from landscaping, to car maintenance, and even taxes – all to save more and hang on to...

Piggy Bank, by bradipo
Investment Opportunities for Women

As women control more and more of family and household finances, it is imperative that we educate ourselves about the possibilities and options for saving money and building a nest egg, both to protect our own future and to help with our families. There are many...

Diversifying Income Streams
Diversifying your Income Streams

When I hear the tales of so many people who are laid-off from their jobs, I feel that, as women and as wives, mothers, friends, and sisters, we have an absolute responsibility to increase our abilities, to give ourselves permission to take risks, and to give ourselves...

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Five Characteristics of Successful Women


You see them all around you; women succeeding in every avenue of life.  They seem to have direction and know what they’re doing.  They seem busy, satisfied, and put together while you can barely coordinate an outfit.  You wonder how...