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Visionboard: Hope
Post-traumatic growth—hope after trauma

For years we’ve heard about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) but there’s a growing body of research that indicates that horribly stressful events in many cases can lead to growth not a downward slide into depression and despair.


Don't let stress sabotage your goals

Stress seems ever present in 21stcentury life. Since it’s a fact of life we’d all better figure out how we’re going to handle it. Otherwise, it’s going to slow us down or derail our business and personal goals.

Plus, stress...

Will Ergonomic Office Design Increase Productivity?

The word "ergonomic" may not be one that you toss around during your lunch hour at work, but the meaning behind it is definitely something that people strive to have at their place of business. Ergonomic basically speaks to creating the kind of environment...

Manicube.com Delivers Manicures to Business Women

Some of the wisest inventions that are made as it relates to business and commerce are the ones that play a direct role in making people's lives easier. Just think about it. Do people go through fast food restaurants because the food is four-star or because they...

At the Beach
Health corner: excessive sweating is a medical condition

 It’s summer and for many of us we’re suffering through a heat wave right now.  That means when we’re out we’re perspiring a whole lot more than we usually do.  In fact I came home from walking the dog this afternoon...

Know Your Rights: Breast Cancer and the Workplace

So, you've recently found out that you have breast cancer and, as if you don't already have a ton that's on your mind and plate, you've still got to muster up the energy (and sometimes even the motivation) to go to work every day and deal with the...

Running on the beach, by Smabs Sputzer
Five Tips for Taking Care of your Health

Women approaching middle age have challenges in terms of staying fit, strong, and healthy, taking care of nutrition, and having a wellness-focused lifestyle. Common stressors at this age (35 to 55) include family issues (...

Top Health Issues for Aging Women

They say that wine only gets better with time and honestly, when it comes to the maturity of a woman, this resolve also applies. While women are naturally beautiful in their own right at any age, there's nothing like the confidence and peace of mind that seems to...

Bully Free Zone, by pointshoot
7 Tips to Prevent Bullying

If you're a mom, mentor, or involved in the classroom, you know the importance of maintaining a decent, respectful, positive, safe, and supportive environment for all students. Bullying can happen to children, teens, and young adults who do not get along well with...

Playing Ball
What I Wish for, and What I Pledge to Work Towards

1) Respectful, loving, patient, and harmonious family relations

2) Abundant food, clear water, clean air, good soil, and a veggie & fruit garden

3) Bills that are paid in full

4) The ability to do good work for causes that I care about...

Top 5 Best Girlfriend Getaways


Disappearing for a weekend away with the girls isn’t just for college kids anymore:  an increasing number of women over the age of twenty-five are seeking quick getaways from their partners and kids to spend time with just their girlfriends...

How a Good Night's Sleep Makes You Happier, Healthier, and More Productive


The dawn of the twenty-first century has shown an increase in fast-paced, technologically-impacted lifestyles that often leave people open to more stress than ever before.  There is so much more to do and places to go, more to find surfing the...

Pineapple, by GALodise
Hearty, Easy 5-Minute Meals

I’d like to share with you some of my hearty, easy 5-minute meals that I love to prepare when I’m in the middle of a busy day.

Prep ingredients before the week starts and have everything ready for your meals: just assemble and go.