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Workplace Equality: Laws Women Should Know About

We all know that America is a land of freedom in which all people are guaranteed equality, regardless of gender, race, religion, and so on.  But while this ideal permeates our society, it’s not always so easy to live up to.  People have their own...

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Career Advice from your Future Self

If you're at mid-life (which I define as anywhere from 30 to 50) and starting to ask deep, existential-level type questions about your job, occupation, and current employment outlook, I invite you to consider the fact that the average lifespan for a healthy adult...

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Growth Doesn’t Have to Equal Inefficiency

Expanding your business is like a dream come true.  It’s more than you could have hoped for when you started out in a run-down building with patched walls and bars on the window (all you could afford).  Now you’ve got the money to move into a...

The Importance of Packaging for E-Commerce

When you go to a retail store, you browse through items on a shelf, select what you want, purchase it from a friendly and helpful clerk, and walk away with a bag full of goods. 

Do you ever stop to look at the cheap plastic bag or plain brown parcel you...

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How to Draft and Refine a Business Plan

The key to starting your business off on the right foot is a smart and savvy business plan, as any business-school graduate will tell you.  You’ll need it to determine your immediate and short-term course of action, decide if you need investors or partners,...

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Five Characteristics of Successful Women


You see them all around you; women succeeding in every avenue of life.  They seem to have direction and know what they’re doing.  They seem busy, satisfied, and put together while you can barely coordinate an outfit.  You wonder how...

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How I Quit my Job to Follow my Dream, by Reg Silva

Editor's note: The following is about someone who recently quit a profitable job to pursue her dream. I know many of you have this in mind but here are the specific steps she took. Notice her advice that "I just knew if you do something you love,...

Family-owned businesses

I read today about local businesses raising money from their own communities, like through selling "store credit" for $1000 and offering a $500 additional bonus for buying.

I think this is a great idea.

We have a family-owned business...

Five Ways to Integrate Social Justice into your Business

Here are five ways to integrate social justice into your company practices. Consider integrating these into your mission statement and encouraging others at your place of work to engage on developing a company-wide social justice mission statement.

5) Go...