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  • What to Look for in Commercial Office Space for Your Business

    If your company has grown to a point that you need to lease some commercial office space, first let us say "Congratulations!" Whenever a company is thriving, it's not just good for the owner and their staff, but also the community at large.

    Of course, in the midst of all of the...

  • How to Utilize Customer Feedback for Your Small Business

    One of the most challenging and important aspects of running a small business is having strong customer service. Of course finances are important, as well as generating capital, marketing, and dozens of other things--but without a loyal customer base, your business has very little hope of...

  • Be More Organized

    Be More Organized with these tips from

  • Listening Skills Workshop

    Business Management Daily presents:

    Listening Skills Workshop
    A New Interactive Webinar
    Wednesday. November 7, 2012
    1:00-2:15 PM Eastern Time

    “Do you listen, or just wait to talk?"

    – from Pulp Fiction

    There are numerous books, webinars, and...

  • Careers Outside an Office

    The traditional office cubicle has become a tired trap for many individuals. Many people would like to get out and experience new locations and more autonomy, yet may not realize what else is available. There are options, from travel nursing to truck driving, all of which allow space to move...

  • 5 Tips For Finding The Perfect Staff Member

    The ongoing recession has put a strain on businesses everywhere. Smaller companies in particular may be struggling more than usual to find and attract suitable and dedicated staff, with whatever capital that might have been available for recruitment and employee development being reallocated...

  • 5 Reasons to Study Accounting

    College students nationwide have returned to the classrooms this fall, many unsure of what they are eventually going to major in. If you find yourself in similar place, maybe it is time you consider a degree in accounting, whether you attend classes on campus or want to earn your accounting...

  • Tips for Keeping Your Most Valuable Employees Happy

    Nothing about managing a workplace is easy. Problems arise quicker than they can be solved, and it often seems as though you're battling some kind of business complication hydra that grows two new heads every time you cut one off. Keeping your employees happy is one of the most important...

  • Top 5 Tips for Building and Maintaining Good Business Credit

    There are a lot of responsibilities that come with running a business. If you want it to be a successful one, a top priority would absolutely have to consist of building and maintaining good business credit. Although, on the onset, it may seem a bit overwhelming to do, it doesn't have to be....

  • 5 Things Great Leaders Do…and Failing Ones Don't


    Do or Die: Expert Cites Effective Leadership Commonalities, Best Practices & Career Killers

    Are you a GREAT leader or an “AT RISK” failing leader? How do you know? What would your staffers say? What would your own supervisor say?


  • The Most Revealing Job Interview Questions

    If you are someone who has the responsibility of conducting job interviews, this is the perfect article for you. That's because the purpose of it is to equip you with the kinds of questions that can reveal the most when it comes to discerning who would be the best fit for your company. The...

  • Tips for Improving Gender Diversity in the Workplace

    Due to the economic challenges in the workplace, sometimes we're so focused on what needs to be improved, that we don't take a moment or two to acknowledge some of the progress that has already (and is consistently) taking place.

    Take workplace diversity, for example. Studies reflect...

  • Tips for Finding a Professional Work Wardrobe Without Spending a Fortune

    It is a bit ironic, isn't it? "It" being that we spend most of our waking hours in a workplace environment so that we can make money and yet a lot of that income goes to wearing clothes at that same office. Then, to add to the (potential) pressure, some of us don't get the kind of paycheck...

  • Common Mistakes Recent College Grads Make in the Working World

    College graduates are facing numerous difficulties as they leave school and enter the work world. With a troubled economy and dismal job market, many recent grads struggle to even get their foot in the door when it comes to finding professional positions. But what about the struggles recent...

  • Top 5 Tips for Successful Outsourcing

    We can't always afford to do work that needs to be done in-house or by ourselves. Sometimes it's simply an issue of not being capable of doing the work, either due to a lack of equipment or skills. Regardless of the work or reasons in question, it's never been easier to outsource work. 


  • How Women Can Add "Transferable Skills" to Their Resumes

    Job Search Tips for those who Celebrate American Business Women's Day

    American Business Women's Day ( is celebrated on September 22nd. Many women at this blog are seeking work, or transitioning back into the workforce. If...

  • Cost Management Strategies for Small Business Owners

    Running a small business is a labor of love--often a great deal of labor. It is no small feat to operate a successful business. Many small businesses and start ups struggle to turn a profit for several years, especially in such tough economic times that put pressure on even the thriftiest of...

  • Thank you for Applying


    Thank you for applying. We will review your application and get back to you if we feel your writing style and topical interest are a good fit for the blog.
    Thank you!

  • Tips for Resolving Customer Conflicts Quickly and Amicably

    When you're running a business and dealing with the expectations of many different kinds of customers, you're almost sure to run into some form of conflict at one time or another. Maybe a customer didn't get what they ordered on time. Perhaps they were dissatisfied with the level of customer...

  • Update your Resume Month


    Career Coach and Author Ford R. Myers Offers Five Tips to Develop Attention-Getting Resumes


    Haverford, PA  (August 29, 2012) - September marks the 12th  annual celebration of "...


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