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  • Getting your resume out

    Getting your resume out? Always use a better stock of paper than your standard white printer fare (faux parchment is nice). This shows that you put thought into every detail and when the hiring manager is flipping through the stack, yours will be easy to spot.

  • How will you know what success looks like?

    How will you know what success looks like when you reach it? Identify your guideposts and what your ideal level of "making it" looks like. This way, when you reach that goal, you can see, feel, and understand that you did reach it.

  • Giving Negative Feedback

    Have to give negative feedback? Ask “would you be willing to listen to my concerns?" That way you're getting permission to give feedback and helping the other person be less defensive.

  • Feeling Stressed?

    Feeling stressed? Try a news blackout. Use the time you would be watching the news to take a walk, sit quietly, soak in a warm bath.

  • 9 Tips For Making a Better Life

    I'm a firm believer in being as passionate as possible about what you do during your daily routine.

    Why engage in an activity if you don't feel like it feeds your soul's purpose for being here? Why do something if it runs counter to your sense of freedom, being alive, and enthusiasm?...

  • Tips for Reducing Stress

    Tips for reducing stress from

  • How to Prevent Bullying in the Workplace

    Oftentimes, when the subject of bullying comes up, we tend to think of one child on a playground getting picked on by another. The truth of the matter is that anyone, regardless of age, race or gender, can become the victim of bullying. If someone is being constantly threatened or intimidated...

  • Must-Have Clothing and Accessories for a Business Trip

    When you're a woman who is out making moves (especially professional ones), there's going to come a time when you'll need to take a business trip or two...or 10. And while it would be great if you could take your entire closet and bathroom counter along with you, the long lines that you have...

  • Listening Skills Workshop

    Business Management Daily presents:

    Listening Skills Workshop
    A New Interactive Webinar
    Wednesday. November 7, 2012
    1:00-2:15 PM Eastern Time

    “Do you listen, or just wait to talk?"

    – from Pulp Fiction

    There are numerous books, webinars, and...

  • 5 Things to Consider Before Selling Your Business

    In these economic times, it is certainly understandable why you might have moments when you've considered selling your business; especially if you have experienced a couple of years where more money has been going out than has been coming in. Without a doubt, the pressures that come with being...

  • Green Kid Crafts - a Mompreneur's Story


    Hello, I’m Penny Bauder, the owner of Green Kid Crafts, an e-commerce company designed to become a market leader in subscription-based services that produce and deliver activities for kids. Like so many children...

  • 5 Signs It's Time to Hire a Bookkeeper

    The entrepreneurial spirit offers unlimited opportunities to the ambitious, but the overly ambitious often pay a dear price for their drive to succeed. Trying to manage all aspects of a small business is a difficult thing to do. Remember these 5 signs that it may be time to hire a bookkeeper,...

  • Is It Too Late to Change Careers?

    There is a wise man who once said that as long as you're alive, it's never too late to make a change. Those are some very wise words and there are people, every day, who are living proof of this very fact.

    As a matter of fact, there is a website that has an entire section devoted to...

  • Enticing Women Back After Maternity Leave

    Training new employees costs companies billions of dollars every year. To help keep training costs down, managers are turning to innovate new strategies designed to bring women back to the workplace after childbirth.

    Here are some of the most creative ways companies have reached out...

  • Careers Outside an Office

    The traditional office cubicle has become a tired trap for many individuals. Many people would like to get out and experience new locations and more autonomy, yet may not realize what else is available. There are options, from travel nursing to truck driving, all of which allow space to move...

  • Is It Better to Rent or Buy New Office Equipment?

    Obtaining equipment for your business can be a tricky matter, because there are a couple of different ways to go about procuring the particular equipment you need. Buying is one obvious option, but another route that many business owners fail to consider is renting or leasing. Which of these...

  • Is Your Great Job Worth the Insane Commute?

    Every time you stop at the gas station before your commute to work, you watch the numbers tick away, going high and higher. You can almost hear the sound of money pouring out of your bank account. Looking at the signs, you notice that gas is, once again, more expensive than it was yesterday....

  • The Pros and Cons of Internal Communications Systems

    Life would be simpler if people communicated better. Miscommunication is one of the biggest causes of stress and tension in the workplace. If managers would just communicate tasks clearly, staff would be more confident about their responsibilities. If staff would just communicate their needs...

  • 5 Tips For Finding The Perfect Staff Member

    The ongoing recession has put a strain on businesses everywhere. Smaller companies in particular may be struggling more than usual to find and attract suitable and dedicated staff, with whatever capital that might have been available for recruitment and employee development being reallocated...

  • 5 Reasons to Study Accounting

    College students nationwide have returned to the classrooms this fall, many unsure of what they are eventually going to major in. If you find yourself in similar place, maybe it is time you consider a degree in accounting, whether you attend classes on campus or want to earn your accounting...


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