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  • 2009 - Newsletter #3 E-newsletter 

    March 23, 2009 

    Welcome to! 




    We continue to grow our community, and if you haven't yet connected with us on our Facebook group (...

  • CauseWired by Tom Watson: A Must-Read

    I received a review copy of CauseWired: Plugging In, Getting Involved, Changing the World by Tom Watson two days ago and I tore through it in just a few hours.

    Everything he writes about resonates with me. Today’s seismic shifts are being brought about by people in the age range of 18-29...

  • 2008 - Newsletter #2


    December 11, 2008 

    Welcome to! 


    Thank you so much for joining the community. 

    The purpose of our community is to empower, educate, and connect...

  • 2008 - Newsletter #1


  E-newsletter Vol. 1, No. 1



    Welcome to!



    Thank you so much for joining the community.


    In the next year I'll be increasing...

  • From Sarah M, on Mother’s Day


    I began thinking about all of the mothers who have inspired me, whose examples and insights and advice have influenced the mother that I have become and am still becoming… and so I wanted to thank you for supporting me and encouraging me and teaching me!


    Here’s a...

  • 2007 - Welcome to the Newsletter

    A Successful Woman is dedicated to your success. We welcome you and 

    look forward to your participation with the group. 



    Integrity in Action: 

    Women in business succeed when we keep our word, when we work to 

    create quality and value in our...


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