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  • Don't Let Fear Keep You from Reaching Your Goals

    Often, we set goals but something happens and we never reach the goals we set. Why is that?

    The easy part is setting the goals—whether they’re personal (I’ll get more exercise) or professional (I’ll move up the next rung at work).

    But what happens after we...

  • The benefits of volunteering: you can receive as much as you give

    This Saturday, Jan. 16, is the National Day of Service, inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.'s life and legacy. And while it’s great to have one day dedicated to volunteering, it would be great if volunteering became a routine part of all our lives. 

    The benefits of volunteering are...

  • Finding the Balance between Work and Home

    After several years of trying to do everything perfectly, I finally adopted this mantra:

    “If it worth doing, it’s worth doing imperfectly.”

    By acknowledging I couldn't be perfect in everything I was doing, I freed myself up to enjoy life much, much more.


  • Making Your New Year’s Resolutions a Reality

    It’s the New Year and it’s time to once again to dust off those resolutions and try one more time to:

    • exercise more
    • stop smoking
    • eat better
    • give up caffeine, alcohol or chocolate
    • or whatever other bad habit you’ve been trying to...

  • The 4 Most Common Christmas Toy Dangers


    For most families, the holidays are a time to celebrate, enjoy the company of loved ones, and of course eat Christmas cookies. However, it’s important to recognize that the season does necessitate a few precautions, as there are some dangers that can arise during this...

  • Clean House. . .

    Holiday time is when I clean house. Not that I don’t do it other times of the year; but what I mean is “really” clean house. Freshly washed windows, curtains and drapes.Corners, nooks and crannies that never see the brush of a Swiffer at any other time of the year.

    This past weekend...

  • Successful Woman Update: Wisdom from Steve Jobs and identifying traits of successful people


    Dear subscriber,

    Steve Jobs, the visionary founder of Apple, had this important advice for all of us:

    "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of...

  • Protect Yourself and Your Family by Having a Last Will and Testament

    "The only things certain in life are death and taxes."

    Most of us don’t want to think about either unless we have to. We’re forced to think about taxes in the U.S. as April 15 approaches each year but death—we can shove that to the back our mind. 

    Unfortunately, that...

  • Steps to Combat the Shame and Stigma Still Attached to Mental Illness

       “Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, but stigma and bias shame us all.”—Former President Bill Clinton

    Great strides in the treatment of mental illness have been made since President Clinton signed the first Mental Health Parity bill into law in 1996.  But where we...

  • How will you know what success looks like?

    How will you know what success looks like when you reach it? Identify your guideposts and what your ideal level of "making it" looks like. This way, when you reach that goal, you can see, feel, and understand that you did reach it.

  • Tips for Reducing Stress

    Tips for reducing stress from

  • Common Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

    Common spelling and grammar mistakes from

  • Be More Organized

    Be More Organized with these tips from

  • Traits Successful People Have in Common

    It’s like the search for the Holy Grail—the search for those traits that make a person successful.  Are people born with the success “gene” or is it something we can develop?

    In his book “The 8 Traits Successful People Have In Common: 8 To Be Great,” Richard St. John assures...

  • Career and Family: Why It's So Hard to Have Both

    There is a saying that a lot of us have heard, but it's kind of still somewhat unclear as to whether or not it's a myth: "You can't have it all." And when you're a woman and you hear that statement, oftentimes, it's in the context of trying to balance having a thriving career and a happily...

  • Post-traumatic growth—hope after trauma

    For years we’ve heard about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) but there’s a growing body of research that indicates that horribly stressful events in many cases can lead to growth not a downward slide into depression and despair.

    Scientists have documented post-traumatic growth...

  • Successful Woman Update: Pinterest, Tips for Reducing Stress and Advice for Small Businesses

    Dear Subscriber,

    Have you been caught up in the Olympics?  I have. And it's made me think again about the meaning of success. 

    Of course all the athletes who are representing their countries in the Olympic games are successful in their chosen sport. It was talent, hard, hard...

  • Don't let stress sabotage your goals

    Stress seems ever present in 21stcentury life. Since it’s a fact of life we’d all better figure out how we’re going to handle it. Otherwise, it’s going to slow us down or derail our business and personal goals.

    Plus, stress is a health risk. Many well-respected studies link...

  • Don’t let stress derail your journey to success

    Stress seems ever present in 21stcentury life. Since it’s a fact of life we’d all better figure out how we’re going to handle it.  Otherwise, it’s going to slow us down or derail our business and personal goals.


    Plus, stress is a health risk. Many well-respected...

  • Will Ergonomic Office Design Increase Productivity?

    The word "ergonomic" may not be one that you toss around during your lunch hour at work, but the meaning behind it is definitely something that people strive to have at their place of business. Ergonomic basically speaks to creating the kind of environment that will be comfortable for...


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