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  • Manage Your Inbox with Email Archiving

    Working In A Large Corporation Equals Email Overload

    When you are an executive in a large corporation, managing copious amounts of email is part of your job description. You must keep track of tasks, know which projects are in process and respond in a timely manner...

  • Following your Roadmap to Success

    When you're on the path towards a successful outcome, in whatever endeavor you're attempting, it's easiest to follow a roadmap, isn't it?

    In some cases, there are tried-and-true methods to assist you in achieving your goals. In other cases, everything is new and you,...

  • Women Count: A Guide to Changing the World

    A successful woman is one who is “CEO of Me, Inc.”

    She has a vision of who she wants to be and is a woman who makes things happen for her rather than lets things happen to her.

    In order to be the CEO, she has to take responsibility for the following:


  • 5 Tips to Spring Clean your Resume

    Career Coach and Author Ford R. Myers Offers Five Simple Ideas to Develop Attention-Getting Resumes

    Haverford, PA  (March 1, 2011) - If you find that your resume isn't getting the results you want, spring is the perfect time to clean it up.  

    Ford R. Myers, Career Coach,...

  • How to Make Sure Your Business Isn't Losing Money

    There is a tendency in business to focus harder on bringing in more revenue than reducing waste.

    The fact is, many businesses (perhaps yours included) make some of the same mistakes that cost them big money every year for no other reason than negligence and misplaced attention. Even...

  • Why Does Your Business Need Social Media?

    Why Does Your Business Need Social Media?

    Unless you've been living under a rock for the past five years (or at least living without internet access) then you probably know that social media networks are a big deal right now....

  • Green Businesswomen - Grow your Mastermind Circle

    When you're starting your green business, it's so important to have a core group of people to help you grow and thrive. Creating a mastermind group means developing this core group of individuals who help you achieve your objectives. For women in green businesses, this means reaching out to one...

  • Public Speaking to Promote Your Business

    Your hands get cold and clammy.  You begin to tremble and find that you are short of breath.  Your stomach churns.  You are hyper-aware of the fact that everyone is looking at you expectantly, wondering what is wrong.  But no matter how much you wish it were otherwise, there is no ambulance...

  • How to Draft and Refine a Business Plan

    The key to starting your business off on the right foot is a smart and savvy business plan, as any business-school graduate will tell you.  You’ll need it to determine your immediate and short-term course of action, decide if you need investors or partners, and secure the bank loans to get...

  • An excellent resource for beginning networkers

    I definitely don't think that networking consists of talking to anyone in a six-foot-circle, and inviting them for coffee then pushing them for leads, job opportunities, or contacts.

    Believe it or not, networking is a constant type of gardening that involves establishing and growing...

  • The Pros and Cons of Working from Home

    For many decades now, women have enjoyed the relative freedom of employment outside the home. And although there are still advances to be made (in terms of busting up the boys club, breaking the glass ceiling, and earning equal wages), with enough determination, women can participate in...

  • Some Assembly Required: A Networking Guide for Women

    Marny is an experienced author, and is releasing her first book, Some Assembly Required: A Networking Guide for Women. co-authored with fellow networking expert Thom Singer. The book, published by New Year Publishing (August of 2008) provides women with:

    - insight on how networking is...

  • Five Principles for your Project's Success

    Having done my Malcolm-Gladwell-esque "10,000 hours of experience" (in his book Outliers, Gladwell suggests that it takes 10,000 hours for someone to become an experienced professional, in any field), I feel like there are some fixed principles that apply to all of our clients, who run...

  • Top Ten Steps to Building your Business

    My partner and I started our web design company with two Mac laptops, a burning drive and passion for connecting people to the Web, and our personal address books.

    We were determined to focus on our core skills, which were...

  • What is Your Personal Mission Statement?

    It's time for us to reassess where you are in terms of your overall sense of purpose and mission. If you are in business or thinking of starting up a business, now is an excellent time to incorporate your personal values statement into the inner workings of your business....

  • Top Twelve Things to Know -- For Green Businesswomen


    The beauty of our marketplace today is we can always find a green option. Let's choose the sustainable or eco-friendly option over the mainstream version. 

    Here are top twelve things that I think all green women in business know. Give yourself one point for each item you...

  • 101 Green Business Ideas

    "Green" businesses that incorporate sustainability, recycling, energy efficiency, a focus on reusable materials, and eco-friendly practices are growing.

    Here is a quick list of 101 green business ideas.
    (originally published at

  • Too Low, Too High? 12 Steps to Set the Right Price for your Product or Service

    I've always believed that you must price your particular product or service at a level that provides value for others at a price they're willing to pay.

    There are two parts of a price tag: one is the actual sale price of the item. The other is the value that the purchaser...

  • The Importance of Keeping FOCUS

    For all successful and success-oriented women, the one prioritized action item I recommend you do is FOCUS your efforts.

    By FOCUS, I mean:

    F – Follow your passions
    O – Overcome obstacles
    C – Continue your Growth
    U – Understand Systems
    S –...

  • Thirty Steps to Starting your Green Business, E-version Download


    HandbookPurchase Download E-version...


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