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Female Peacekeepers, by yooperann
Why Women Should Consider Careers in Criminal Justice

Where a criminal justice degree was once off limits to women, members of this formerly exclusive brotherhood are feeling the nudge of determined elbows as more women insist their way through doors that formerly read, “men only.” At New York’s...

Seagull, by Keven Law
Getting out of your own Way

As women, sometimes we put our own roadblocks in front of us. The more we become successful, the greater the challenges that face us. And, incredibly, the larger the obstacle in our path, the more life-affirming, creative, and energizing is the solution --...

Flying high, by Mr.Dionysos
Starting up a Business: Just do it!

For many women who are interested in going into business, the biggest obstacle to getting started is simply getting started. If we get bogged down in doing market research, perfecting a business plan, doing surveys, questionnaires, and focus groups, and tinkering with...

Purpleflower by Juuyoh
The Importance of Telling your Story


We are far, far more interested in stories then we are interested in your sales talk.

We're excited to hear the story of how you got into business.

We're inspiried by the obstacles you face and how you overcome them.


Heart, by exper
You Create It

I receive ongoing updates from "The Universe", which is a great e-mail reminder service from TUT's Adventurers Club, at http://www.tut.com

This past one was great, and I want to share it...

Wedgienet, by Reg Silva
How I Quit my Job to Follow my Dream, by Reg Silva

Editor's note: The following is about someone who recently quit a profitable job to pursue her dream. I know many of you have this in mind but here are the specific steps she took. Notice her advice that "I just knew if you do something you love,...

Lessons in Success: #16 Practice Being Selective

Today, I’d like you to start being selective. This means making choices: you have a choice from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep.

Select an option that makes sense to you and supports you in your overall purpose in life.

Orange Flowers
Staying Comfortable? Not if you want to achieve your dreams!!!!

No one ever achieved greatness by staying comfortable. We all have a comfort zone we love being in. It's nice and safe and we reign supreme. The only problem with it is that to grow and learn and achieve our potential and all that we can become, we...

Lessons in Success: #12 Measure what you want to Improve

Measuring a benchmark always improves it. This is *always* true if you’re focused on attaining your goals. Whatever you measure is going to improve: so, if you want to improve, measure the correct number!

What is your correct number to measure? This depends on...

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Women on Phone
Talking about Dreams

Dreams are really the only thing that motivates us — meaning, it is our unconscious, subconscious belief of how the world works that will impact our daily reality.

If you, in your most wildest dreams, believe that you are capable of doing and achieving your...

ASW Believe

Have faith and Fear not. Belief in your own God-given abilities is a true gift, and the ability to accept your unique skills and talents, to own them, and to use them to fulfill the world's need is the mission of each of us alive today.

When you believe, you are...