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  • How to communicate effectively with your network

    We’re often told that to generate support for our latest project we need to tap into our network, contact our friends and families. What usually happens then is we send an email—something along these lines:  “Hi guys, I’m starting a new blog about marketing … so if  you know some advertisers”...

  • Effective Leadership Traits

    What are some ways you can be a better leader?

    This is a question many business owners and managers should take time to ask themselves. You may have heard that some individuals are “born leaders,” but most good leaders are molded by education and experience. If you desire to move your...

  • How do you ask People in your Network for help with a job?

    You must ask a specific person for specific help, in as specific a manner as possible. Examples of how to be specific:

    "You in the green shirt, call 911 and let them know there's a woman with an accident at 5th and Main"

    "Jason, please help me by donating $15 to my marathon...

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