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  • Details vs. Intentions - Don't Confuse the Two

    As a website designer, we often work with clients who have ideas about what they want to do with their site, but who may want some additional help in "clarifying" what a functional specifications list may look like, or what may be a good redesign, or what are some good ideas to make the site...

  • Six Steps to Attaining your Goals by Maintaining your Daily Routine

    If you have goals, you know that a daily routine towards those goals really works.

    This can be as simple as a motivational quote or a daily inspiration you choose to receive and meditate on, or it may be an hour of power (what I call my time for focusing), or it may be specific blocks...

  • Successful Time Management, in 7 Steps

    These are my recommended steps toward successful time management:

    1) Keep yourself on time
    Use a watch and calendar to schedule your day!

    2) Prioritize
    Priority A items go first.

    3) Focus on one thing at a time...

  • Achieve

    What is it that is on your list of achievements? What would you like to achieve within your lifetime?

    This space shares the achievements of our members.

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