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Women in Leadership Roles: Breaking the Glass Ceiling for Good

There are more women in the workplace than ever, and that means more women will compete for executive and managerial leadership roles along with their male counterparts.  Although women are finding it easier to open more doors, once they get there, it can be...

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How to stop your project costs from over-running

Cost and time over-runs affect most projects to some degree, whether they be large-scale public works or relatively minor software implementations. Often these over-runs can be foreseen and taken into consideration, but if not then they can be ruinous.


Roxana Hewertson
5 Things Great Leaders Do…and Failing Ones Don't


Do or Die: Expert Cites Effective Leadership Commonalities, Best Practices & Career Killers

Are you a GREAT leader or an “AT RISK” failing leader? How do you know? What would your staffers say? What...

Learning to Delegate More Effectively in the Workplace

If you're in a management position, then you probably already know that a part of your responsibility is to properly delegate assignments to the people that you manage. However, if you're a good manager, then you also know that this sounds a lot easier than it...

How to Manage Personality Conflicts When You Lead a Team

You received that promotion because you're really good at your work, and at managing a team. While you probably went through a honeymoon period during which everyone got along, good work was delivered and your bosses were happy, it is inevitable that personality...

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4 Tips for Women who Desire a Leadership Role in the Workplace

Several studies have shown that, for whatever reason, there are not as many women assuming leadership roles in the workforce. There are many possible explanations for this gap between men and women in positions of authority, but nothing is conclusive. What is sure is...

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Raising Tomorrow's Leaders: 6 Skills to Teach Your Children

Everyone dreams of their kids becoming the great leaders of the future. Whether that is President of the United States or CEO of a corporation, seeing your child grow up to become important and successful in their career is something every parent wants.


Smart Ways to Prepare for Crisis

Karlin Sloan

Today is day three in the blog tour for my new book titled...

Women Count: A Guide to Changing the World, by Susan Bulkeley Butler
Women Count: A Guide to Changing the World

A successful woman is one who is “CEO of Me, Inc.”

She has a vision of who she wants to be and is a woman who makes things happen for her rather than lets things happen to her.

In order to be the CEO, she has to take...

Stop Your Whining!

A Successful Woman welcomes Karlin Sloan's virtual tour celebrating the release of her book, UNFEAR, Facing Change In an Era of Uncertainty.

March 1, 2011, Day one, the tour opened at Karlin's...

Inner Journey Retreat October 2010
The Inner Journey Retreat

Need a getaway with some depth and soul?

Most people have a tenuous relationship to their spiritual self. And yet, this is by far and away our most powerful self, enabling us to do the “heavy lifting” of life with our very presence.

Further, our culture...

Do What You Love

Do what you love to do.


Your passion is a guide for your purpose here on the planet.

Find out what makes you happy, and do it. Your gifts, unique skills, and talents help guide you in the...

How to Save by Going Green

The term "going green" is starting to gain mainstream awareness.

Any search on Twitter http://search.twitter.com/search?q=...

ASW Lead

To lead means to go boldly forward in the direction of your dreams. We'll learn and share from examples of how to lead. We'll also work on increasing our capacity, power, and responsibility to lead.  

Until one is committed, there is hesitancy...