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Eight Essential Marketing Tactics for Your Small Business

As a small business, marketing is essential. It’s about positioning your brand to be a leader, increasing recognition, driving traffic and making conversions. However, it can also be a confusing maze that leads in multiple directions. To simplify the process,...

ASW 5 Email Marketing Tips for Small-Business Owners

Email marketing is still an effective way for small-business owners to drum up sales without spending too much money — even in the age of social media. Make your email marketing campaign successful by keeping your emails easy to read and mobile-friendly....

Marketing a Small Business

A small business does not have to have a small attitude; the size of the business is irrelevant - it is still able to fulfil the needs of the company and the consumer, and it can hold a secure and successful position within the specific market place.

The size...

Who's Got Swag? Promotional Gifts That Impress

When's the last time you got a promotional gift that truly left a good impression? Smartphones have made the pocket calendar passé and you can...

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Marketing Is All About Building Relationships

When you drill down to basics marketing is a lot like dating.  First you have to find the right person.  Once you’ve found them you start a conversation, get to know them and build the relationship.

So let’s translate this metaphor to...

A roadmap to success
Marketing Tactics You Can Use

When it comes to marketing, things can change dramatically from one year to another. Traditional techniques such as print mail advertising no longer dominate the industry. Instead online marketing is the go-to choice for many marketers. 

Here are a just a...

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How to Pick the Perfect Name for Your New Business

Your new business is your baby, and as such you really want to make sure you pick out just the right name for it. A new business is a blank slate of possibility, and it's a great way for you to really express yourself and what you're all about, if that's...

The Top 5 Reasons Your Business Should Be Blogging

You've finally broken out of the wage world and started your own business. Congratulations! You'll love the flexible schedule, and your family will love seeing you less stressed and more passionate about your work. But while you've done the social...

Pin It to Win It

Social media newcomer Pinterest has stolen the spotlight when it comes to online marketing. One early 2012 report from Shareaholic indicated that Pinterest drives more referral traffic than...

Tips for Building a Strong Brand in a Bad Economy

Yes, the economy is currently less than stellar, but don't let it distract you from continuing to do all that you can to making your company thrive. The truth of the matter is that while the economy could definitely be doing better, this is still a remarkable time...

Are You Tracking Your Social Media Performance?

The term "social media" is a broad one that may refer to any number of internet applications that are used as tools for communication. So while you might instantly think of Facebook and Twitter when you hear the term, it could also be used in relation to your...

Why Your Business Needs a Solid Email Marketing List

As social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter continue to grow, some people wonder if having (and needing) an email address will soon be a thing of the past. That's not something that we should be too concerned about. Matter of fact, there was a recent...

Top 5 Social Media Monitoring Tips for Your Small Business

Whether you're new to the idea of using social networking on behalf of your small business or you've spent the last couple of years busily learning the ins and outs of search engine optimization while doing all you can to beef up your Facebook, Twitter, and...

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Being Smart about Social Media Marketing

Out of the Fortune 500 companies, a little more than half have Facebook pages (58% according to a recent study by Go-Gulf.com), and 62% have an active Twitter account (with a tweet in the past 30 days). Many of these companies have reduced their public-facing blog and...

Inbound Vs. Outbound Marketing for Your Business

If you work for a brick-and-mortar business, or you have in the past, you have likely been exposed to the idea of outbound marketing. Even your average consumer will understand the concept since they have been bombarded by these traditional marketing techniques for...

Unique Promotion Ideas for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you know how tricky it can be to navigate the shark-infested waters of the marketplace. But promotion is everything, which means that you need to be especially capable at marketing yourself in order to succeed. But with so many different ways...

How to Improve Your Brand Perception

The idea of creating a brand image is not as nebulous and uncertain as it may seem.  In truth, you probably have a pretty good notion of what your company is about and what you want the public to know about you.  So creating an identity that becomes...

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6 Smart Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Of all the challenges associated with running a successful small business, one of the most difficult demands lies in the development and implementation of marketing strategies that can be shown to actually increase sales and revenue. And with...

The Importance of Packaging for E-Commerce

When you go to a retail store, you browse through items on a shelf, select what you want, purchase it from a friendly and helpful clerk, and walk away with a bag full of goods. 

Do you ever stop to look at the cheap plastic bag or plain brown parcel you...

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Why Does Your Business Need Social Media?

Why Does Your Business Need Social Media?

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past five years (or at least living without internet access) then you probably know that social media networks are a big deal right now....

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Back to School Supplies for Your Business

When you are out picking up back-to-school supplies for your student, why don’t you pick up some things to help your marketing efforts.  If you don’t have a student, you can still get these things now and take advantage of the sales.  Here are...