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  • Learn From Mistakes to Avoid Mistakes

    Corporate America - and many other types of institutions - are migrating away from the age-old flow charts that show responsibilities and supervision traveling from the top to the bottom.

    Instead in recent years, there has been a move toward creating work groups that attack particular...

  • Limiting The Cost and Burden Of Your Brush With the Law

    Being arrested is a huge wake-up call. And, contrary to popular belief, it really can happen to anyone. It might be a small—or big—mistake or bad decision like an injury-causing driving infraction or DUI that’s gotten you or your child mixed up with the judicial system. What may have seemed like...

  • Tips to Balancing a Family, Full Time Career and School

    You’ve decided to pursue your dream of earning a bachelor’s or advanced college degree. The research is going well, but the reality of balancing your home life, work and school is quickly becoming a vivid fear. Keeping that many balls in the air is a tricky prospect, even if you only...

  • Your Five-Year Plan - How You're Going to Get Where You Want to Go

    You either have a five-year plan, or you don't. It may be written down in great detail, it may be an idea in your mind, or it may be a scrap of paper you carry around in your wallet -- or it may be just something you're interested in right now.

    Here are eight steps to help you get...

  • Lessons in Success: #27 Stretch Every Day


    Stretching our body every day is an excellent way to keep limber, fit, and healthy. Stretching on a regular basis is a great routine to incorporate into your day, particularly in the morning, right when you wake up.

    I'd like you to take five minutes now to stretch out your body...

  • Lessons in Success: #26 Find the Balance



    "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

    - Newton's Third Law of Motion

    "Our very life itself is a paradox, contradictory in many senses; whenever you have too much of one thing you have problems created by that. You always...

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