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  • How to Get Clients by Building your Email List, Part One

    What are the two things that we hear the most about building your practice online? Content is king and the money is in the list!

    So just how do you go about building a list? The 4 steps are:   

    1. Targeting an audience.
    2. Getting targeted traffic.
    3. A...

  • How do you feel about selling?

    Like it or not, most of the items you have in your life, from the shoes on your feet, the clothes on your back, the food and drink you consume, even the place where you live, has been a choice you made during some kind of sales process. 

    You were sold on the type of car you drive or...

  • How to End Your Year on a High Note

    We are starting the last week of October, and I keep hearing business women talk about the upcoming holidays in November and December, with the thought that no business gets done during this time of the year.

    Well, if you've had a challenging year, as most entrepreneurs have had, maybe...

  • Back to School Supplies for Your Business

    When you are out picking up back-to-school supplies for your student, why don’t you pick up some things to help your marketing efforts.  If you don’t have a student, you can still get these things now and take advantage of the sales.  Here are some ideas to add to your list:

    • ...

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