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  • Time Management Solutions to Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

    One of the hardest parts of running your own business isn’t getting it up and going (though that is tough); it’s keeping it running smoothly. Running a business often means juggling tasks and, unfortunately, when you juggle you’re more likely to miss stuff and create even more problems for...

  • Delivers Manicures to Business Women

    Some of the wisest inventions that are made as it relates to business and commerce are the ones that play a direct role in making people's lives easier. Just think about it. Do people go through fast food restaurants because the food is four-star or because they don't feel like cooking and it'...

  • Top 5 Life and Time Management Tips for Busy Women

    As women we tend to believe that we can have it all; kids, career, a beautiful house, healthy and fulfilling relationships, and a perfect life all around. Right? Unfortunately, it rarely works out that way. No matter how good your intentions are, there simply aren't enough hours (or energy...

  • Put Your Busywork on Autopilot

    Women today are busier than ever. Most of the time, you wish there were two of you just to keep up with all the things on your To Do list. The more successful you become, the more you feel like you need a personal assistant to keep your days in order. While a personal assistant or clone may...

  • Self-Discipline and Time Management When Working from Home


    Whatever prompts you to work out of your house; whether it’s a desire to stay home with your children rather than paying for daycare, a response to the current job market, or simply something that falls into your lap; you may have discovered that despite the many benefits that come...

  • Successful Time Management, in 7 Steps

    These are my recommended steps toward successful time management:

    1) Keep yourself on time
    Use a watch and calendar to schedule your day!

    2) Prioritize
    Priority A items go first.

    3) Focus on one thing at a time...

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