What is it that is on your list of achievements? What would you like to achieve within your lifetime?

This space shares the achievements of our members.


Achievements Submitted by our Members

Skirgaile's picture
Skirgaile Master's Degree

rachgreen's picture
rachgreen I recently rescued four cats and kittens and gave them a loving home.

Feleciai Favroth's picture
Feleciai Favroth I have actually launched a skincare product line.

arvinahuja's picture
arvinahuja Setting up HR processes to make it easy to scale up our operations.

newhampgrl's picture
newhampgrl Winning a gold medal in the 1994 GoodWill Games

Bridget Bisnette's picture
Bridget Bisnette Raising two great kids while working full time since they were 5 weeks old.

Alisha Dickerson's picture
Alisha Dickerson I am now a licensed Cemeterian.

Lena's picture
Lena My family and our business: my husband, our son and myself - we all are good friends and happy business partners :-)

pruitt1028's picture
pruitt1028 Assisting other entrepreneur woman start or maintain business

CAguirre25's picture
CAguirre25 The one thing that I'm proud to have achieved in the recent past is getting my new job. Working as a personal business assistant has been a good learning experience so far.

Blanche Agency's picture
Blanche Agency I am proud to have sustained my business for a year and a half through a very difficult economic climate.

transfsstella's picture
transfsstella landed my dream job in the worst global recession in recent years

Elizabeth_Agnew's picture
Elizabeth_Agnew building my business

Adrianna I am proud to be debt free!