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Back to School Supplies for Your Business

Fri, 08/10/2012 - 5:17pm | by Janet W Christy

When you are out picking up back-to-school supplies for your student, why don’t you pick up some things to help your marketing efforts.  If you don’t have a student, you can still get these things now and take advantage of the sales.  Here are some ideas to add to your list:

  • When you get notebook paper for your student, get some blank postcards or cool stationery for you.  Then print a “remember me” message on the postcards or stationery and send them to some prospects or inactive clients/customers
  • As you pick up note cards for your student put some blank business cards in your cart.  Print a note about a new product, a sale, a new website or a seasonal item on the business cards along with your usual contact information and give them out at the next meeting or event you attend.
  • If you buy colored pencils for your student, buy yourself a package.  Then use them to color-code To-Do Lists or to sign greeting cards to your customers.  Colors make things more fun and attract attention.
  • When you buy graph paper for your student, buy yourself some blank greeting cards.  Then use the blanks to make customized Thanksgiving cards for loyal customers and clients.  (Thanksgiving will be here before you know it.) You can print them or maybe even use your new colored pencils to hand decorate them if you are artistic.  Personalized makes a thank-you special.
  • As you pick out name tags or labels to put on your student’s backpack and other stuff, get some decorative labels for your business.  Labels come in gold and silver, with borders and other decorations.  Print something special on the labels, such as: “good for 10% off” or the address of your blog.  Then place the labels on the back of your business cards.  You can customize specific messages on the labels for specific events or meetings.
  • If you purchase a memory stick for your student, get yourself one, too.  Then transfer files, contact information and other pertinent notes on dormant customers or prospects that never panned out.  This will save that information to farm for future opportunities.  If you leave it on your computer you may be tempted to delete it; and we all remember times when we wish could get back that name or email address or phone number.
  • As you purchase pens for your student, get a really outlandish one for you.  Make that pen your trade fair pen.  Put it in your booth beside the sign-up form for your distribution list because it will attract attention. Extra idea:  If you have people leave their business cards to sign-up for your    distribution list, use the blank business cards you purchased to print up blanks for people to fill in with their contact information if they don’t have business cards.  This way you still get them on your list and you still use your outlandish pen to attract attention.
  • At the same you get folders for your student, get yourself an accordion folder to keep some of these marketing supplies in.  Toss in a list of prospects or customers/clients.  Then take this mobile file with you when you know you are going to have a wait.  Using the wait time to address some of the postcards or cards, place labels on business cards, etc. will not only be productive it will also lessen your frustration while waiting.
  • When your student begs for candy, get some for both of you.  Then use the candy as a reward for each of you when you accomplish something that you normally dread.  Rewards work as well for adults as they do for students.

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