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Can't, Won't, Not --- How your Language Determines your Attitude

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear

Consider the words you use in your regular day-to-day conversation. Do you use any of these "leaky" and energy-draining words? When they show up in your speech, they indicate self-sabotage and indecision. 


  • Could have. Should have. Would have.
  • Tried to. Trying.
  • Might. Maybe. Maybe next week. Maybe next year.


These words are "shaky" and insecure. Are you "trying" to do something? Or are you "doing" it? If you're "trying" to do something, you might as well say you are "doing it".


"We're trying to raise money for this event and we're hoping you'll attend."


"We're raising $10,000 at the gala next Saturday and we request you and Bill to attend as our premium sponsors."


Hear the difference?


"Maybe I'll do that next year."


"I'm following this weekly plan to get to my goal: here are my checkpoints."

Or "I will not do that."


How about this version:

"I might try to come next Friday."


"I will be there, for sure." OR "I won't be there."


Once you clarify the fuzzy, negative, or uncertain edges in your life, your energy and ability to focus increase. You engage more with people you love. You participate more in activities that bring you happiness. You express more radiancein the world.

Watch your language: when you hear energy-draining, negative words, change your behavior! Reduce those words in your speech. Identify situations that bring up those words, and avoid those situations!

Free yourself up to enjoy a more positive outlook in your life.

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