My goal(s) for 2014 (it seems too late to set 2013 goals, here in December): a) lose 30 pounds; b) grow the martial arts school by at least 25%; c) streamline processes within my writing/social media business for increased efficiency and growth. In all areas, I want to work smarter, not harder.

To share my experiences and knowledge with this community and build lasting relationships with people who share my passions.

My main goals for the year are the following:

- Get into my best-ever physical shape & maintain it.
*How? - Yoga, Stretching & Jogging nearly every day. Also eat very healthy & have a healthy portion of fruits & veggies each day. I may implement more practices into my routine.

- Get my finances in order.
*How? - File my income tax early, pay off all debts, save $ & make more $.

- Find a meaningful partner.
*How? - I admittedly don't look forward to this task. However, I will date. I also will never, ever again allow anyone who is not worthy to waste my time. I will also always remind myself of my own worth & how valuable my time is!

More guest blogging

As a young professional, my goal is to connect with other successful, intelligent and hard-working women to grow my network and increase my knowledge.

To develop my leadership and management skills in order to open the next tier of employment in my day job.
To be selected for a parliamentary seat in my political life.

To master puffed pastries and to become an extinguished freelance writer.

My professional goals for the year is to have 10 paying customers before January 2013.

To contribute my writing

To have the best year so far ...to live my life to its full potential

My goal for the year is to reach sales target of 500 000 monthly

To gain more self-confidence and to more up the career ladder. :)


To come

I wish to live a lifestyle that doesn't tie me down to a cubicle.


To pay off my student loans


Maintaining my beautiful garden and becoming more involved in our town hall.


Winning a lot cases





To become a more improved writer.



To achieve my dreams