I want to help women make their businesses more successful.

To be a successful writer.

to a more competitive lawyer

To help bring awareness to devastating diseases (HIV & AIDS, Breast Cancer, Cancer and Diabetes) through fashion by taking the awareness ribbon to the next level.

to be more successful mother for my children

more journals

gain more clients

Be successful in my chosen career.

My goal for the year is to spread my writing skills to the world.


Finally buy a house!

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Getting more acquainted with fashion designing and my school.

To write useful contents which attract the user and provide them with useful info on Home Making ,Architecture ,Home Designing and Change their Way of thinking etc.

Spend more quality time with my husband.

Make sone extra money to get my own home

To showcase exceptional women who are making a difference in their worlds and the world at large.

To get a better understanding of being a great leader and becoming more tech savvy

to be able to help my son express his thoughts and reasons verbally
to create a website that will be useful for my students

Start and maintain a blog for our real estate ventures.

My goal for this year is to further develop PatBigliardi.com and produce the first phase of a line of educational products including DVD's for women entering a new phase of life and /or career.

Have my product in 5 new stores

I have simple goal for this year. To be finished my thesis and graduated soon besides of that I get improved my skills. Then I can take another goal.

achieve my dreams

To maintain my realationship with God.

get clarity in my business direction - focus on the work and communities that I love and stop doing work that doesn't benefit me personally, professionally, spiritually, or financially. Also would like to focus more on work (either consulting or part-time) in the Charleston area that uses my business and MBA skills.

Graduate University knowing I have worked as hard as possible.

be more successful

spirituality- faith on god and myself.
health-weight 50kg, bp-80-120, hb-16.
wellness- good.
finances- freedom.
work- business

influence in a positive way to my 29 years old daugter.

To become a Fleet Manager

Go back to school and stick with at least 2 classes a semester.

Writing exposure