To find a teaching job in either Religious Education, PSHE, Citizenship or Sociology of Religion. To bring youngsters to find and engage with their own identity and culture and other's. to find my own spiritual path and other's spiritual path and be a witness to this multi-faith, multi-cultural and beautiful diversity world that was created for us.

My Goal for the year is to get my PhD diploma in 2012 spring.

To acquire more knowledge in my area of interest and use this knowledge to touch and affect lives

To be a successful , beautiful and independent woman who is deeply desired by the man of my dreams :P

I want to complete the London Marathon 2012!

My goals for the year are to publish my second book, to re-define my purpose and mission in life, change my current financial situation, continue working towards my Masters Degree.

My goal is find a position with my industry as a Director or Vice-president.

Writer and blogger

this month i purchase P4 computer. now i want to start home based earning through internet.

I want to have a stronger connection with myself. I hope by this year I understand myself better and not Become a people pleaser.

To earn six figures in 2011

to become successful woman

My current goal is to focus on my own personal development in the area of mind, spirit, body and soul. I find myself at a cross road right now; as a result, this is my primary goal.

To achieve a complete financial freedom

Take the next leap in my professional carrer

I want to be able to develop a website for the Zimbabwe Cheerleading Association. I also want Cheerleading to be the best sport entertainment in Zimbabwe and attract big coperate companies in my country to advertise through our cheerleaders at all big sporting evnts.

Play more tennis

Providing informed buying decisions for businesses.

Passing my professional examination.

Stop committing to making someone else a success and rich!

Our goal is to let people know they have affordable options during one of the most difficult times a person can go through. We hope to help ease some of the financial burden caused by the loss of a loved one while at the same time having a positive impact on our community and planet.

My goal for this year is to stay on the track I'm on. My family is doing well and my career seems to be moving forward.

To completely organize and de clutter my house, have a fit body, travel abroad.

The Digital Diet: The 4-step plan to break your tech addiction and regain balance in your life

Get 1000nds of followers on my website and live out of its revenu!

My goal for this year is to have a better production for my business.

To deliver a strengths-based, confidence-building program to youth groups in order to empower them so their brilliance shines for all the world to see.

My goal is to replace an identity full of fear resulting from self hatred with the identity of a strong, courageous leader that God has given me. This will result in me becoming proactive, confident in decision making, and fearless in dealing with people.

Kelello Nkoma
Academic excellence
Spiritual maturity
To love me me me and to spend more time with family

To reach out and connect with other successful individuals to learn how they got to where they are. I plan on learning from others mistakes and achievements for my own personal and financial goals.

_ Publishing my book ( Poetry and do some art work)
- Improving my understanding of language / knowledge
- Become a better person by even improving or establishing one habit in my life
- Increasing my grade in Rock climbing, doing some new projects
- live a greener life and appreciate mother nature.

My goal for the year is to make progress in every aspect of my life. I want to reduce my personal stress to maintain my health. I want to love the people in my life more and make them feel more important. I want to receive more responsibility in my career by my one year anniversary.

Finishing building my house, get a raise and better position at work. Be a better friend, sister and wife.

For this year: 1. Finish school and have my bachelor degree
2. Speak good chinese and dutch.
3. Make a trip to Germany
4. Start a little business
5. Write a book

My Goal for this year is to finish writing my book Succeed or D.I.E you can find out more information by going to http://sophiegold.com/my-book/