To retire my husband from his job and help 100 people to start their own Business in next 12 moths.

To complete my proposal on my non-fiction book, submit it, and receive a contract.

To build a business with a strong foundation
Connect with complementary businesses
Complete my book
7 paying clients each week

to get more clients

My goal for the year is to start a business. Buy and Sell Perishable goods is in my mind.

I would like to increase my business by 10%

Independence, total self employment.

To set up the service for women.

To finish my book...The G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. Woman

Start my residency training.
Lose 15 lbs
Master the art of self discipline
Master being able to stick to an organized daily planner
Complete my medical boards exam
Get pregnant with baby #2

getting promoted

create my dreams and take care of me

Business goal, hit the top of the company and help 2 others do the same. Personal, keep growing mentally get stronger. Relationship, have a stronger connection and relationship with my better half.

I took on a lot of debt in the last 2 years because my husband was out of work. I want to be debt free by year end.

Promote my new handbag design

To fully engage myself to focus my energy in moving into the limelight of media success without any fears or feelings of unworthiness!

Get my Sports Nutrition Certification and Fellowship and start my own Fitness and Wellness business.

Become a Band 6

I have several goals for this year.

1. I am currently training for a 5k. I plan to run a 5k in October for a local charity that I am very passionate about.

2. I have several business ideas in my head; and although there are many, I plan to start positioning myself to become a Wellness Consultant. I hope to motivate other women in all areas of their lives, not just weight loss or disease management, but overall life health! I plan to make a business out of this by December 2010.

3. Another goal for me to continue my education. I plan to learn Spanish, and continue my education in Nursing. This fall of 2010 is the start of classes for me. With a class at a time, my goals can be reached.

This is the year that I will launch my book - 27 Things to Feng Shui Your Home. This book is a product of much love and dedication. Launching it into the market place is a big step on my path.

My skincare products will be in 30 retail locations by 12/31/10. I will also be featured in 10 print or internet based articles discussing my company and product line.

My goal for the current year is to ramp up our operations from 25 talented web developers to 50. Also, working to scale up skill and talent of the team.

I will gain 500 new members in 2010

Be authentic, reach out beyond the Cisco community to share my experiences, plot out my next move

I WILL stick to an exercise regimen so I can look and feel FABULOUS!!

I WILL sell Sell SELL!!!

I WILL tithe and save and treat myself without guilt.

I WILL ignore haters and inspire others!!!

Business: to make full living online, enough to buy a house of my dream.
Personal: to start regular excersises in a gym

Increase my Faith and Service Stewardship more than the year before
To continue to strive to be not just a mom, but a role model and positive example to my children that they can follow.
To train at least 100 individuals in lifesaving skills.
To assist at least 50 entrepreneur women in making their 1st business presence in 2010
To assist at least 10 entrepreneur women in networking more to make a difference in their business and personal life

start a new career

My goal for the year is to learn as much as I possibly can; both in my work and in school. I want to receive my Associate's degree in May and continue my education towards a Bachelor's. Education is the key to success!

My goal for the year is to increase my business with 5 new (retainer based) clients.

Start my own business.

My Business goal this year is to be turning million dollar monthly profits in my newest store opening next month. AMC Tool & Supply

My Personal goal is to have successful home and kids while I ride the wave of my newest venture.

Get more done for the planet.

Further develop my sense of self, and work to balance my yin and yang.

2010 is the year of the voice. My goal is to develop my voice, both literally and figuratively.