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Mon, 04/08/2013 - 2:38pm | by monicadear

We offer a variety of downloads and products in the A Successful Woman's Handbook series for your journey to success.


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Trade paperback $5.99

:: 30 Steps to Starting your Green Business

DownloadDownload the e-book (110pgs, PDF)

30 Steps on how to start an effective, profitable green business.

E-version, instant download 

The straightforward, easy-to-use tips in this book guide you through the startup phase of building a green business and creating a thriving, sustainable, eco-friendly, 21st-century company.

Eight chapters from a green businesswoman focus on helping you plan, launch, and grow your green business.

Our shared planet benefits when you create more organic, fair trade, and holistic solutions. Use these tips to help you get organized, focus on the basics, build your infrastructure, increase your customer base, interact online, review your data, refine your process, and maintain your course.

Find additional information on green metrics, sustainable practices, long-term sustainability, and a resource list.


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Trade paperback $6.99

:: Social Networking for Women in Business

DownloadDownload the e-book (136pgs, PDF)

Targeted tips on effective social networking. This is a digital download how-to guide on social networking for women in business.

E-version, instant download

The world is becoming increasingly connected. For women in business, social networking tools are an excellent way to promote your message.

Use these tools to:

  • Extend your company's brand and find your community of clients where they work and play
  • Develop a community of fans and followers for your organization
  • Communicate, collaborate, and join forces with like-minded individuals who share your interests

The purpose of this handbook is to help you navigate through the world of social networking and social media. Easy-to-use tips and tools give you concrete information on how to build a valuable professional social network online.

Learn social networking basics, ideas on how to connect, guidelines on what to post, etiquette, specific recommendations on how to expand your network, and ideas on using metrics to understand the success of your social networking strategy.


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Trade paperback $9.95

:: Fifty-one Ways to Build your Community of Clients Online

DownloadDownload the e-book (240pgs, PDF)

51 step-by-step tips to increase your website effectiveness. This is a digital download how-to guide on making the most of your website, written by our own Monica S. Flores.

E-version, instant download

This practical and inspirational business book offers fifty-one tips and tools to increase your website's effectiveness. Written by a web development pro, the book targets women business owners who desire a competitive edge through smart, spirited internet marketing.

Each chapter includes tips, checklists, and information on how to immediately apply the methods to a new or expanding website. All businesses -- from those run by mompreneurs to those maintained by Fortune 500 corporations -- need an interactive, engaging, and functional website, and these fifty-one tips provide straightforward information on how to share knowledge, build resources, target clients, increase usability, and measure website data.

"Everyone has a level playing field on the Web," says Flores, a programmer since age 9. She's collected nine years of research as a web consultant into this easy-to-use resource. She focuses on business-building tools and their immediate application on your website to increase your online sales.

A great corporate gift and perfect for organizations, entrepreneurs, owners and founders of brick-and-mortar businesses, solopreneurs, and women in business.


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