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Five Ways to Mentor the Women in your Life

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear


Mentoring is a great way to share your gifts and talents with others who benefit from your own experience. When you've faced challenges along the way, you have an opportunity to learn from others who have overcome similar obstacles. As you gain more experience, it's time for you to give back and share your knowledge with the next generation. Here are five ways to be a mentor to a young woman in your life:


1) Support her networking.

Take your mentee to a networking function, conference, charity event, or social gathering. Help her meet others!


2) Schedule ongoing checkins.

Provide a safe space to address concerns. A phone call or in-person visit is ideal: pencil your appointment into your calendar and stick to it every month.


3) Make connections.

Open up your contacts list and connect your mentee to a part-time job, an internship/externship, a summer job, or a "Day at Work" job shadow. Your mentee will experience the work world and can make some more informed decisions about career options.


4) Model appropriate behavior.

You've cleared some paths of your own and have probably learned some great tools to achieve your success. Help your mentee understand how to navigate relationships and encourage her to excel in communicating, writing, critical thinking, relationship-building, and overcoming conflict.


5) Get clarity with your mentee about her goals.

Goalsetting and keeping accountable to goals is a perfect way for you to influence your mentee: keep her on track during your ongoing checkins. If she needs it, find your mentee a personal recommendation or connection that will get her started.


Happy Mentoring!

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